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Miracle of religion prayer

The miracle of prayer              First of all, we should know that the prayer is really what is meant by the deep meaning of the prayer and the choice is the car. The intensity and speed of the seeker's call is very thoughtful and widespread when praying to someone with his holy mind And pray for those who both taste the experience of it. In our religious texts, it is a description of the prayer of compassion The Lord's throne is also spoken and he rides to protect the devotee and helps him in every way. In prayer, consciousness is in the highest and highest state of consciousness, hence its effect is also widespread in a way. So the prayer seeker has divine love for his fate, which asks for his ultimate love, its scientifically big prayer
effect is our religion            we gets such an example in which the devotees have to help the devotees in all its forms on the call of compassion, as on the Karun Pukar of Draupadi, Shri Krishna God saved his saris in the meeting of the …