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Miracle of religion prayer

The miracle of prayer
             First of all, we should know that the prayer is really what is meant by the deep meaning of the prayer and the choice is the car. The intensity and speed of the seeker's call is very thoughtful and widespread when praying to someone with his holy mind And pray for those who both taste the experience of it. In our religious texts, it is a description of the prayer of compassion The Lord's throne is also spoken and he rides to protect the devotee and helps him in every way. In prayer, consciousness is in the highest and highest state of consciousness, hence its effect is also widespread in a way. So the prayer seeker has divine love for his fate, which asks for his ultimate love, its scientifically big prayer
 effect is our religion
           we gets such an example in which the devotees have to help the devotees in all its forms on the call of compassion, as on the Karun Pukar of Draupadi, Shri Krishna God saved his saris in the meeting of the Kauravas and saved Droopadi's shame. The type of time when the elephant was caught by the customer at the time of the bath, at the time of the elephant's call to prayer, Lord Vishnu came to his help and liberated him, God Shriram helped him in every way he was born in the monster genesis, and in the prayer of the devotee Prahlad, God did not save him from two difficulties and problems. Many such examples are found in the scriptures which prove That if a prayer is done in a holy place then there is a miracle and the god comes to help the devotee.
 The language of prayer
          there is not a language of prayer It is only silent to communicate to your Lord by expressing his sense of intuition. This feeling is the basis of the intensity of communication, the effect of prayer is as fast as the spirit of prayer. The more prayer and prayer the prayer will become. When a sad person hurts with his heart, then the prayer which comes out of the quarrel with that feeling of grief reaches the ears of God
 Time of prayer 
        it does not have any time of prayer, even when the heart of the seeker is unhappy with some distress or misery, it is a proper time to pray to your God with your heart, prayer can be done for anybody. At the time of prayer, his distance from God does not matter. A person can be prayed for thousands of miles away. We all know that Maha Tama Gandhi used to call prayer as a key to the hour of the morning and the evening was called Tala, without God's grace, it never gets calm and God's grace is not without prayer, it has been described in our religious texts. When a seeker prays, then in his prayer, vibration and energy make the campus and premises holy and divine, thus praying The black money in the environment gets so much more dissolving in that environment that the mind is full of bliss as it comes to the conference of the atmosphere and the heart becomes calm. The incurable diseases also get healed in the environment of prayer. If the suffering sufferers enter this divine environment If he is, then he gets relief from sufferings, that is why the seekers and the religious know-how are considered to be the best process of type and scraping, which The idiocy of ideas ends and becomes pure The prayer of prayer of god With the refinement of the inspiration, prayer comes into the perfect environment, the mind becomes enlightened, and then becomes calm, in such an environment, many incurable diseases Free also gets and pollution of the environment is also destroyed; Knowledge of religion and the best way of sophistication and sermon Rakya demands that the poem in the thoughts ends in it is cleansing of the heart and the motivation and willpower arises. Studies studying the effect of prayer believe that blood pressure decreases heart corrections completely. And the wound is recruited besides headache tension anxiety entrepreneurship, freedom from self-harm diseases, expressing the effect of prayer Some ideas, however, have been very accurate studies affecting the prayer, but some particular scientists or religious scholars are being described here so that readers can also get acquainted with the effect of prayer here on Duke University Scientist Croing Doctor of Georgetown University School of Washington starts match psychiatrist of psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School Nant Professor Grade and Neurologist will express the views of the New Class so that the readers can get acquainted with the miracles of prayer.
The idea of the Croing
       scientist Croing was the scientist of the  Duke University. He studied the effect of prayer, he told that in the person who prayed Stress hormones such as epinephrine slogans drink free today's discharge All these practice hormones are associated with Adrenal Gland which create tension in the person but by praying, the stress of the seeker or the person gets relieved and his physical health improves. He studied further and told that the increase in the capacity of the resistant system by praying.


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