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A wonderful recipe for keeping hair black [ 27 ]

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A wonderful recipe for keeping hair black

        Due to contaminated nutrition of contaminated food and hair nowadays, children's hair becomes white at an early age. That is why children, adolescents and young people have a kind of inferiority complex. The reason for this is that they keep comparing their white hair with dark black hair of others at all times. In fact, the passion of blackening hair in modern times has increased so much. Nowadays many drugs have come in the market in black market. Whom the merchants are selling from the laggard. As a result, many people are looting. We do not have the meaning of expressing this idea that all the products are false. But in the experiment when only one product goes out false, the suspicion of other products remains the same. Many types of oil, cream and extracts and other products are sold in the market by many names. Some of these are authentic, but some products do not succeed completely in fulfilling their purpose. The reason for this is that some people work honestly, but some people get bogged down, earning more by spending less, loses the customer's pocket. Today we are going to tell you a recipe that will make your hair black like ebony. The condition is, you make or make it in your monitor itself.

   Content used in prescriptions 

      [1] 300 kg of powdered smooth and black soil of the field

      [2] Powder of iron 6 kg

      [3] Triphala skin 1200 g.

      [4] Goat's manganese 35 kg

      [5] Almanac 30 kg of white flower mangrove.

        Apart from this, 725 gram of each of the leaves of Mybadi, Majumfool, Pomegranate peel, Neem leaves and Vasma leaves are also collected.

       Preparation of recipe

      First, make mitha powder, mazhofla, neem leaves, and leaves of pomegranate, and cut them into some marmalade and make fine powder. After this, after taking any sieve, we get all the drugs one by one. For this, put all the powders in a flat place. Then they started mixing them. When all the powders are found in each other After that, once again gathering all together, start mixing. Do this like 5 times. With this, all the substances will be properly found in each other.


     Mix all things made of fine powder in black mud powders of the field. After this, take a huge hammer or nand in the cement in which all material can be filled. After this, there was plenty of space left. After this, add all the things in this haul and fill so much water, so that soil becomes moist. After this, cover this hawk with grasshopper and leave it. Whenever you feel that its moisture is reduced, then put a little bit of water. This will create wetness in it. After a few days all things will rot and good compost will become compost. This is the identity of the smell of ammonia. After composting, fill this compost in large wooden pots of many woods. Now sow the seeds of good variety of fenugreek seeds and onions. And if necessary, keep adding water to these germs from time to time. So that fenugreek and onion can give me good yields.


     Keep in mind that while adding water to the pot, add as much water as you can to the water. One drop of water should not be left out of gumls. If the water went out of the waterpots. So clearly know that the quality of the medicine has come down. Therefore, take special care of the quantity of water, otherwise the drug will become less effective.

    Method of use 

       When the onions and fenugreek plants are worth eating, then eat 60 and fenugreek and 60 grams of onions with lentils, vegetables or greens daily. You used to consume the above drug for about 3 months. This is an Ayurvedic medicine, which is not harmed if you eat even more days.

 Diet in the intake period 

      At the time you are consuming this medicine, use plenty of curd and buttermilk. Make plenty of mango, tomatoes, black carrots, apples and pomegranates in the flour. Also use gram, peas, cabbage, turnips and mustard greens. At your discretion, you can use the flowers, leaves and vegetables of that season.

  Complementary medicine 

      At the time when you are consuming this medicine, grind them with pomegranate, walnuts or mangoes that are easily available, then apply them once in a week in the hair. After using this medicine for 3 months regularly, you will see that your hair is completely black. Finding you anywhere will not get a single white hair. It is an inevitable yoga, once you have used it, your hair will never be white in your life anytime. Any remedy for lifelong hair is not in foreign medical systems, as in Ayurveda. You should also take advantage of it and tell the properties of Ayurveda to your acquaintances and others so that they can also take full advantage of your information.

    Jai Ayurveda


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