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Adopt spirituality, increase virtue [2/14 ]

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Adopt spirituality, increase virtue


        A philanthropist and a spiritual person is a person reached the peak of spirituality. He keeps doing acts of philanthropy for others. He does not tell anyone about his life, unless it is relevant or inspirational to say something in spiritual life. The spiritual person does not flutter any kind of pretense nor do any self-praise. He does not like to talk about himself. He is a supporter of reality. His own opinion is that the person who makes someone flattering, I should stay away from him. He should keep only good people by himself, which can be beneficial for the time being.

 Advanced spiritual person


     The spiritual person is basically creative thoughts. He wants to spread God's knowledge in the world. His knowledge is also sophisticated and high, which is born from the depths of the heart. He does not need any book to attain this knowledge. When all the knowledge is absorbed in spirituality itself, then it is found itself.


Spirit of spirituality


     The spiritual person is well-versed in the distinction of spirituality. The attainment and refinement of spiritual knowledge

After that, he starts bringing it into his own behavior. In this situation, the boundaries of class, religion, caste, gender and nationality are eliminated. Raising above these limitations, his thinking becomes global. Being filled with these qualities, he begins to see the expression of God, all humans and all creatures. After that he considers the whole world as his family. Not only this, he starts behaving with every thing in the world and every living being.

Reasonless person


     Such a person has naturally become a sophisticated person full of spirituality, with his actions, thinking and living. In such a way, it seems false to argue it. Because he must have forgotten this fact that the suspicion of a skeptical person can never be eliminated. Because a skeptical person is not satisfied at all, and it is not possible to satisfy him. Apart from this, he also knows that the person who walks on the spiritual path does not even need a logic. Because there is no doubt in his mind.

 God fears


    It is a spiritual person's attempt that all kinds of divine qualities will come in it. That's why he attempts to stay himself in the same environment as possible and to adapt and adopt his life accordingly. And it starts simulating. Thus, he wants to embody the divine qualities and embody it. His faith does not happen at all in preaching the world. He wants to learn divine qualities and also be brought down in life. He does this so that people can be motivated by his actions and work for welfare, so that the welfare of the whole world can be done. By doing so, he wants to bring the masses on the path.


 Does not force others


    The spiritual person does not want to hurt anyone in any form, in any situation. On the contrary, he tries to remove the suffering from the person suffering from it. By doing so she feels the joy because she explains the whole world to her family. This is the reason why he wants that people of the world should not be enslaved by the transient pleasures from the senses. Because all these pleasures are temporary. Real happiness is only in connecting with God's supreme power and following the commands given to him.



    Because the spiritual person does not harm anyone and nobody does it. Therefore, he wants people not to make such a mistake that others feel hurt. If a person accidentally hates the other, and after some time he realizes his mistake, and wants to repent and reform his mistake, in that situation, the spiritual person tries to eliminate his guilt. At the same time, she helps in such a way that his guilt can become zero and the person who does not make the mistake repeats the same again. He does not even feel that he has made any mistake in the past. To say it means that it also scraps and finishes the error. The spiritual person does not want to force anybody or accumulate control over him. His thought is to give people spiritual knowledge to eradicate their sadness, guilt and errors. In fact, wants to create a happy life for them.

 Deletion of personal desires


    A spiritual person seeks spiritual progress only for himself and for those around him. For this, he ends or suppresses his desires. Because he knows if he does not end personal desires then he can not get spiritual knowledge. In such a situation, he and the surrounding environment will not be subjected to God's will. Because he wants to live under the intense desire of God, so suppressing his aspirations becomes good for him.

Does not evaluate personality

      The purpose of a spiritual person is to do good to others. That is why he is in touch with both the poor and the poor people of the world. It is his effort to make the bad people even gentlemen. To do this, he does not neglect him in any way. Anyway, if one of his little editors corrects the related work, he becomes grateful to him, and becomes his fan. By doing so, he wants to communicate human qualities in all persons.

 Unattached and impersonal men


    The spiritual person does not have a Guru. But if for some reason he has to introduce somebody to his master, at that time he tells his master as unattached and unskilled. His behavior is filled with passion for his disciples. That is why he keeps his disciples to tell them the truth about divine love and make them good human beings. He wants all his followers or his followers to imitate him. So that they can also relate to God and they can also interact with God. And that too can make our lives more productive.

In the end


     As a summary, we can say that the spiritual person's personality is supernatural and divine. Despite all his activities in this mortal world, the people of the world are of high nature. In this way we can say that his life is God-oriented. His soul continues to be published through the glorious light of God.

      He does not have any wish, name, and post in his life. His life is filled with nectar like Bhakti. The flow of good values ​​continues in it.

     In the end, in relation to the spiritual person, it can be said that he has a natural and natural love for nature and creatures only.

The end

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