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Chickens child [22 ]

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Chickens child [22 ]

 There is an infectious disease, which leads to people of all ages small and large People have the perception that this condition is done by the grace of mother In our country it is also given great importance to the religious perspective While this is not, watching this problem with religious viewpoint can not be completely said perfectly. It is a misconception in many people that this problem of the victim is the fruit of their sins Mother's outbreak occurs due to the misconduct of man Due to the mourning of the mothers, the mischief is emerging in its body by making grains People treat specific diseases by considering this disease as an outbreak of goddess People do not even treat them

   The wicked is infectious disease it 

        According to Ayurvedic scholars in modern times, the cause of the origin of this disease is to be contaminated by air, water and earth. In western medicine, it has been called it a bacterial infectious phenomena Both of these methods have their own methods of prevention of this disease The patients after which the patient is treated The western medicine of this disease is very painful Often this people reduce this use Ayurvedic practice has been told that the procedure for prevention of this disease is easily

       Greatest Diseases 

      It is enough to write much about it, it is one of the world's most terrific trends Once this happens, the grains come out in all the body of the patient They remain after being diagnosed with dental disease As a result of this disease, the patient's health and beauty greatly damage His face becomes mischievous after illness The victim who is suffering from this disease can be very difficult Even when he is cured after treatment, he gets victimized due to his misconception Because of which he is also afraid of sitting in the society It is also restless to keep your ugly face This makes a type of mental disturbance and heinous feeling in his mindset remains in his remaining life.

   Early state of disease 

      First, when the poisonous bacteria of the chickenchick enters the body At that time there are no special symptoms in the patient Sometimes after some time passes slowly in the body, heavy heading in the head, maintaining a little pain in Badan, Bad pain, stomach, and occasionally heavy fever also feel. Apart from this, symptoms begin to appear suddenly, sneezing, fevering in the body, dizziness, dizziness, food addiction, restlessness, body breaks and skin color etc. Slowly the color of the patient's skin is changed and the eyelashes in the eyes are the primary and primary symptoms of this disease.

     Severe Symptoms 

      After the initial symptoms occur, gradient symptoms appear gradually in the patient. People get information about the symptoms of serious symptoms In such a situation all the body has a slight irritation After that the stems start falling in the body Earlier these grains are somewhere else, then spread throughout the body In such a situation, the patient feels very hot in his body and feel uncomfortable The blood of the patient's body starts to suffer less and sometimes It is also important to know here that various names of various diseases of this disease have been given, such as [a] Khasra or Mejals [two] small mother or chicken pax [three] Gau Mata or Kao Pox and [four] older mother or Small Picks |

      In order to treat the disease, the doctor first needs to know what kind of psychiatrist has been to the patient. It is also done according to that Here, according to information about the type of chickenchick, the information related to medical is being given to you, you should also go and take advantage of it.


      This often happens to children In its initial stage symptoms are found to be sneezed, high fever, eye eye, and symptoms. At the time the child becomes 104 degree fever, often red red marks appear on the face on his or her third day. This mark only takes the form of flies After this, the flutes make each other face and body red with each other It starts to calm down from the seventh day of the disease Fever goes down Occasionally there may be a complaint of throat malaria for a few more days Slowly the spots of the gently gradually become extinct And Rolie herself gets well Therefore, there is no need for this treatment

      Go Cushion 

         This disease is mainly caused by homemade cows But sometimes this outbreak also occurs in humans According to the medical scientists, this disease is often seen to look very little, or it does not get to see According to him, there is no need to know the treatment In special circumstances, information of a qualified physician can be taken when the disease is informed
  Little Mother 

       The disease of this kind of chicken poison shows its effect from 14 to 23 days continuously Pancakes of this disease are first in low quantity After some time it becomes in all parts of the body Causing irritation on chest and stomach First of all the stimulus sticks occur on chest and stomach Later it gets on other parts of the body But the form of this disease is not terrible Therefore, it does not require medical treatment The patient's face can not be misled by this type of cheerful There are some fights in this outbreak that are calm down after suffering a lot Therefore, medical treatment of this disease is also not necessary Common disadvantages of this disease are as follows: such as cough, swelling in throat, swelling in eye and skins, dizziness and less visible from eyes.

      Big Mother 

     This disease, which starts with fever and waist pain reduces fever on the second or third day itself, but red floralities appear to appear on the face. After this, the body part of the body is also affected by this disease On the fourth and fifth day, they start having fun After 9 days of the disease, the sprouts fall on the flies Later the scalp of these pops is descended This is a natural state of this terrible disease After this, the patient starts feeling healthy Occasionally some disorders in the patient take wormal form He also causes death

   Cheeky Prevention Treatment 

      Most people do not treat this disease Patient of this disease also slowly stays slowly If the face of the patient is left on the face of the patient, then with the scalp of the patient's poultry and surrounded them with water on a smooth stone. That is why the lap is prepared, put it on the scissors This will cause light to become lightweight Apart from this, the child whose symptoms of symptoms are being shown, then before leaving the grain, apply the root and turmeric of water along with water like a sandal and put them on the nails of the patient. Additionally, apply a tilak knife between the center and also on a tongue This child will not be cautious It is a hereditary treatment

   Treatment of the disturbed chicken 

     Despite this, if the poisonous is worsened, then the roots of hunger surrounded on a stone with pure water or Ganges. In this way a paste will be made Keep this paste in a vessel This paste is to be put on the sugar juice This is so effective that within two hours the detective or sitting cottage will come up, that means that sugarcane grains will become flowered like a dancer. It may be possible that the patient's fever will increase But do not worry about it, because it is also an organ of medicine There is no harm to it The patient should drink 8 to 10 drops of this medicine This medicine should be done only once a day After that no medicine is to be given any day The patient will recover automatically after some time

        Apart from this, there are other measures to prevent the poison Because the topic is over. That's why it's not right to describe more Whenever there is a chance, then we will tell you about this issue of Chechkis again

   Jai Ayurveda 

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