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Everything possible with Guru's grace [20]

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Everything possible with Guru's grace 

 Every man in this world wants that he receives the grace of the Gods After receiving mercy, he acts in his life, or it is a different thing. The creature is free to do his work according to his will despite the achievement of God in this world. So he can do any good or bad work But it is also true that he also receives the result of his actions as well

     Atrocities and the result 

       The actions of hurting the masses by making mischief have never been held in any time, any time. After receiving the Divine Nature, if any man commits evil, then he does not get anything other than the pain and suffering in his life. If the magnitude of the transgressions becomes very high, when the atrocities of the people become unbearable for the masses. In this way, God himself takes an avatar and ends his atrocities Along with the end of the atrocities, he also eliminates the life of the person who is doing wrong, so that others can get lessons and all creatures can be happy.

  Returns of Satisfaction 

        If the human being puts his life in charity and in his work after receiving the blessings of God, then he gets the blessings of God. This is because after receiving the grace of God, that creature helps others with true feelings on the path of religion. In this, he attains happiness and happiness To achieve the accomplishments, he gets divine help and inspiration That makes the work of his life easier This fact has always been true in every period of every public that the person who is interested in others has never been disconnected.

    Must be a guru 

       There is a god, a God-given creature, who performs righteousness and charity in his life, but for this, he needs a guide. Know this path as the guru in the religious world From ancient times to modern times, there is definitely a guru of every syllabus Following the instructions and signs of the disciple, the disciple keeps his actions implemented so that all his work keeps going uninterrupted without simplicity and comfort. Guru also presents his views regarding the problems and schemes of his disciple and gives him the proper solution The disciple does serious questions before his teacher and presents his doubts The teacher of the disciple's questions seriously meditates and gives them reasonably answers, due to which the doubts of his mind are terminated. And he gets involved in further tasks

    Guru's blessings need to be found 
The disciple does such a thing in his life, so that nobody is unhappy with him Getting success in the coming days, he is grateful by his teacher's mind and promise Guru also delights in his work and blesses his disciple to succeed After the guru's blessings are received, there is a lot of simplicity in his work e, as a result, he can easily sustain his life Such creature develops the art of living in the minimum requirements in its life, so that it can provide a lot to the people. Each guru keeps his public education in view of the interest of his disciple For instance, the guru tells his disciples that this is the world that nobody can find anything like this, here too, there is something to lose. God weights a sin by weightening the sin and virtue of the worldly creatures, God provides happiness and sorrow in the proportion of the person's sinful virtue. God does not give anyone more happiness than virtue, nor does it hurt more than sins Through these gifts received by the guru, these blessings take great education in carrying out education


         From the above explanation, it is revealed that every disciple walks on the teachings of his master and receives success in God's grace and life. In this way, we see that the place of guru is also before God Through his grace only the life of the disciple becomes successful The disciple walking on the instructions of the guru's instructions and teachings, receives everything in his life That is why he gets all the accomplishments of the world only by guru's grace Thus the place of guru becomes higher than God, and by its grace only the creature receives everything. So everything is possible by the grace of Guru

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[ q/9 ] Tratamentul; O alternativă unică la sterilizare

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 Tratamentul; O alternativă unică la sterilizare

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