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Hemorrhoids [ 11 ]

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It is a disease in which the sufferer does not have any particular problem, but when the nose is broken, the patient becomes more prone to fear. His nose starts bleeding. Sometimes the blood stream starts flowing. The patient is afraid of seeing this blood stream. This physical condition is called hemorrhage. This problem starts from approximately 8 years in most people's life to 40 years. After that often it is not a problem. Every creature has to face this problem once in its life. In some cases, older people have also been seen suffering from it.


This problem is mostly in the summer season. The main reason for this is that due to heat in summer, the body blood becomes thin. This makes the blood easier to get through the soft parts of the body such as nostrils. Apart from this, blood can also be extracted from other places.

Those people whose nature is bile-headed, the pitta of such people gets in shape and gets into the blood. After this, the bile, along with the blood, also comes out by various parts of the body. The blood from the nostrils comes under the bloodstream. \\\

Simple Treatment 

When someone gets cracked, other people should not be scared of his horrors. For the treatment of the victim, collect some cotton from anywhere. After that, give the victim in a ventilated and shady place. After this, spraying water on his face, let his nasal pores make a little cotton. If possible, continue to wind through the fan. If the sufferer is waiting patiently for about 30 minutes with peace, then he gets relief from hemorrhage. If the hemorrhoid is healed, then let it smell some fragrant flowers. Also, if yellow soil is found then soak it in water and ask to sniff it also reduces the heat of the nose.

If the patient is wearing shoes socks while taking treatment, then remove them too, so that the body heat keeps going out of the soles of the feet.
Cure in critical condition

If the condition of hemorrhoid is more serious and the bleeding from the nose is not stopped. In such a situation, collect the fruits of some quantity from somewhere. Remove the seed from these fruits and grind the pulp on the cob. Then filter it with the cloth and take out its juice. This juice of gooseberry will give both nasal pores in the victim. Do not throw it after removing the juice of pulp, but apply it on the patient's head, and allow the patient to relax. After some time the vaccine of the patient will be completely cured. If you do not get fresh green gooseberry, then work can also be done with dried amla. Its water can be prepared and put into the nose, and it can be grinded and applied on the head too.

 Other treatments 

In order to treat, the physician should remove lemon juice of big ones in a clean vessel. Add the juice to the sufferer with the help of pitching. It has been observed that this therapy gets complete comfort from the patient at one go, and the blood flowing in it also stops.

If the patient is given a 10-10 drops of juice of banana leaves in both the NASA areas, then the patient is given comfortable comfort, even in half an hour, the patient gets complete comfort. In this way treatment can also be restored with hemorrhage.

Similarly collect plum leaves. Make these pulp instead of drying these leaves on a sieve. Apply this pulp to the patient's head. After this, litter the patient in the airy room, comfortable bed. After that, instruct the patient to sleep comfortably for a while. If according to your opinion the patient has followed the medical directive, then he will get complete rest after two to three hours.

You are also requested to use one of the above medical methods, and treat the patient, try to heal the disease, and believe in your heart that you will definitely get success.

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