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Kidney stones [13]

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Kidney stones

      The back part of our body is called back. In the lower part of the body there are two structures of shaped beans on both sides, which are called kidneys. The kidneys are the body's filters. Both of these filters filter out contaminated substances in the urine route. In people's kidneys, when contaminated substances collect large quantities and form a body. This type of structure is called stone. The place of stone is in the kidney. Hence they are called kidney stones. This disease is related to the urinary institute, and it is very painful to the sufferer. The person suffering from this disease also becomes unconscious by disease.

     Due to kidney stones 

      Actually the kidneys carry out the toxins from the urine. If for some reason their process is interrupted, at the same time the person suffers from this disease. Various perennial elements in the form of urine with lime, etc., when for some reason the urine stops or stops in the urinary bladder. At that time, this desired substance comes under the influence of the transit air there. After that, the kidneys are formed in the form of sand or pebbles. Initially, their size is very small. Over time, pebbles continue to grow and take bigger shape. Sometimes pebbles are also made.

      Cure by banana 

           There are several ways to make them medicinal. The root of banana is used in this problem. In the morning, a weaning of the root root is consumed by the patient. After that, the whole wheat is given in the food throughout the day and wheat is given to him. Apart from this, the patient is not given any other food. After the entire day has passed, the patient has to wake up all night. There should be no carelessness in the patient's awakening. If the patient takes a slight nap, then he can not get rid of this disease. The patient can start his routine routine the following morning. Even then, it should be given to the kuli gum with food for 1 week. Apart from this, lentils and rice can also be given in the food.

   Complementary medicine 

         Since the day the patient has to be consumed with kidney stones, it is necessary to take any of the water from the water or coconut water or sugarcane juice or the water of the kulthi from the first day of his life. This water should be given in the form of necessary medicines 1 day prior to the patient's medication and after the day of medication. After this, if it is available, keep this water for 7 days and still drink for 3 days.

   Treatment with JAWAKHAR

       Jawakhar has an important place in the drugs used for kidney stones. Jawakhar can be easily purchased from Pansari. The quantity of 1 gram of barley is to be taken with water in the morning. Similarly, the quantity of one gram should be taken in the evening along with water. If this is done with 2 gram of bunting powder and mixing powder of 1 gram of stone chaat in the day, then twice in the day, the sufferers are fed with Kinkun water, then the patient gets the expected benefit. This medicine has to be done by the patient for about 3 months.

   In the end 

      Using any one of these two types of medicines, the urinary bladder (kidney stones) is broken into pieces by the urine passage. Because these stones come out of the urinary tract, hence irritation or pain may also occur when urinating. Sometimes blood is present or blood is mixed with urine. But it should not panic. Because it is also a part of medicine. Always remember this that the stone cloth descends with difficulty from the urinary tract. This action of landing the stone is distressing. Due to this, it will not work. In some patients, this stone comes out as normal sand, then there is no pain to the patient. Sometimes the patient's stone becomes so hard that he can not even come out of these Ayurvedic medicines. In such a situation, it is very necessary for the patient to show it to the doctor, because it is a condition in which the operation can be brought out by putting the stone out and adding relief to the patient. That is why it is advisable to take the patient to a skilled therapist in this situation.

    Jai Ayurveda 

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