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Mantra of God's grace

Mantra of God's grace

       There are two types of creatures found in this mortal world. The first is the one who spends his life here by spending worldly life. It is not fair to say such men as best men. Such men fulfill their desires and desires only with their desires and desires. And finally heaven goes to the people. The second type is the creature who, after spending spiritual life, tries to make his life a success. For this, they have to undergo the difficult examinations of life and get higher status. These people spend the welfare and public welfare life by becoming the grace of God and benefiting them. These people get Brahmagnya, eventually merge in the power of God.

     Accept nature as mother 

     The world's highest quality creatures are considered as mothers, and they demand it. For this, people used to do yoga for their self-welfare and nurturing in the morning, havan and yajna. Such people plant trees to atone for their misdeeds, so that there is no imbalance in nature. In their religious activities, the samadhi wood used for sacrifice and havan etc. is obtained from the branches of trees, do not cut green trees. They try to save nature completely from themselves. Those who sacrifice discontent, they believe in high spiritual spiritual men, religious texts. Such people read and follow the books in which there is a confluence of knowledge and devotion. In this kind of Sangam they enjoy meditation, perception and karmas and enjoy it. Along with this, we also try to throw away the layers of the cultures, which have gone up on their souls. In our great texts, the invaluable elements of life are filled; apart from this, the devotee's moha is also stored in these beads and elements by adopting them and by setting them in their mind, they keep away from their hearts. In addition to purifying the mind, they also understand the need for self-study and reading. By doing so they get supernatural bliss.

    Finishing consciousness 

    In the worldly life, the inclusion of work, greed, jealousy and malice is always made in their heart. If seen, these wicked tendencies are contained in the nature of man. These horrors are sitting in the depths of the mind. Consciousness is to be refined to remove these points. With the refinement of consciousness, by winning these instincts spiritual life can be enjoyed. In this way we see that to get the grace of the Lord, the layers of souls who have gone above the soul have to be removed. Along with this, the power of consciousness can be attained by strengthening the God. At the same time, humans can have supernatural bliss. In this way, the recipient of God's grace should free himself from psychic disorders, only then he can become the recipient of Lord's grace. And can become God's beloved.

The end

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