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\\ A measure of victory in the life-force. 2/13 ]

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\\ A measure of victory in the life-force.


    Our world is huge, in it many creatures reside. The best man is considered in all the beings. But there is no such person in this world, whose life does not have troubles. Every creature has to face adversity in his life. Because, like the day and the night, the Kalachakas constantly revolve, so that no survivors have been found today. Just as the night comes after every day, in the same way after all the pleasures, the life of the creature continues to suffer. These plagues in one way test the patience of the human beings of courage, tolerance and spirituality. In this battle of life, a man who can overcome his troubles with fearlessness and perseverance, is victorious in the struggle of this life, he can be called a successful man.

 \\ Laughing with breathtaking combat

    Any creature can not neglect any kind of adversity in his life. In reality, plagues are our adversities, which we have to fight bout. Every creature whose circumstances in which they desire, wants to fulfill those desires as well as their hopes, but for some reasons, the desire for these desires is not to be fulfilled. Contrary to our hope, whatever the form or forms of our selfishness that appear in the form of gross or subtle, we consider it as a misfortune. The simplest way to get rid of it is to keep our selfishness, attachment, love, greed and patience in order to be moderate and moderate. By doing so, we can win over them. That is why living on a simple life reduces the amount of troubles from life. Despite this, if some troubles remain the same, then every time, we can easily overcome their problems and problems and laugh easily.

          \\ Do not panic \\


     If we start spending our lives simple, self-reliant and properly, then we can compete with the courage of small and bigger problems in the future. We must also keep in mind that some troubles are only imaginary. We should not create an atmosphere of fear around us, by giving them strength. Before doing any work before preparing its entire framework, we do not have to face the failure. But if we become compelled, we will do any work with disrespect, only then success is doubtful. If you think that success was your destiny I wrote. So this is a hypothetical idea. Do not blame your destiny for this. Sometimes, due to extra reasons or unaware of the situation or ignorance or ignorant reasons, they have to face difficulties. But if we recognize these problems by accepting God as an exam for our faith, self-confidence, patience and tolerance, and follow our duty on the path of truth. So there is no doubt that every person can overcome these problems easily by laughing at every problem.

        \ Courage and contentment \\


     If every human duty walks on the path, he delivers his life satisfactorily. At that time, no trouble can obstruct his life path, because such a man is happy to accept all these difficulties as divine laws. As a result, there is so much increase in his morale that he earns the strength to cope with difficult situations. Therefore, under every circumstance, we should try to keep our mind balanced, calm and stable. Rather than being sad and restless after seeing the happiness of others, every human should be content to see those weary people who are living their life in very short-term. At the same time, it should also be thought that God is very kind to us, that we get very much grace from God over these people.

        \\ Were not made \\

    The absence of any thing in life is the root cause of adversities. It is useless to contemplate this lack of time. We should try to improve these disasters by trying hard and trying hard to never fear the problem of abandoning the efforts, but at such times we will be attached to the purpose with double enthusiasm. Go away. We should also solve the problems of life by meeting our neighbors and family members too. Their motivating thoughts and valuable suggestions make our difficulties easy, which can be solved by inspiration and self-defense. We will always remain inadequate due to weakness or unkindness in it.

     \\ Survive the Survival \\

    After paying attention to the above things, we are aware that life is a kind of struggle. To win this victory, fight each and everybody in fear of being in the jurisdiction of your life. To achieve success in life every human has to defeat the calamities. In this our resolve will be proved, our solution, understanding, counseling and guidance of others and the solutions made by our self-interests and well-wishers. By which we can succeed in achieving victory over calamities.

           \\ The end \\

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