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Miracle Cure of Epilepsy [ 5 ]

Miracle Cure of Epilepsy  

       Nowadays, many such patients around us who have epilepsy, are epilepsy. The patients of this disease suddenly become unconscious. In this type of unconscious their mental state becomes numb. Wherever they are, they fall suddenly and vibrate wherever they are. Foam starts to come out of their mouth. It is said that such patients often fall near the fire or water and almost die in the extreme position of this disease. This is a Namrud disease that can kill her at any time, so it is also called a murderous disease because it keeps the patient at risk every moment. Because the patient has a sudden episode of epilepsy. There is no time for this disease.

Causes of Epilepsy

      Epilepsy is a mental disease, so the mental factor is considered responsible for it, such as anxiety, etc. This cause causes defects in the body and gets formatted and stops in the sources of the heart. The result is that there is a blockage in the blood vessel channels. As a result, there is an impact on the brain, and the destruction of the memory channels, which nourishes the patient. This condition is called the terrible condition of epilepsy.


      It is believed that epilepsy attacks can fall at any time and anywhere, but there is also an idea that these people are often near water, crowded places, fire or pit etc. The one who does not care for him, does not remain cognizant.

 Symptoms of the disease 

       In this disease, patients experience many types, as if any patient feels the fragrance of fruits or flowers or suddenly experiences darkness. The eyes of the patient are scratched and hidden behind. After this the patient starts getting unconscious and suddenly falls. After this, your hands start rolling. In the meantime, the stomach starts in the patient's body. This unconscious hand begins from the legs and spreads in all the organs. When this condition increases, the patient also removes stool urine in his clothes. His tongue goes awry and his eyes become torn and torn. If his eyes are highlighted at that time then he has no effect.

 Patient's located 

 The patient's body suddenly starts to panic, and his teeth tighten. The foam starts to flow from the mouth. Sometimes the jaws are tightened, the speed of the patient's body also increases. And everything starts to appear black black. The yellow foam starts to fall from the mouth. The patient's body faces and eyes become yellowish and the patient also appears to be visible in red or yellow color. If the patient is asked after a disease visit, then he feels thirsty, and there is also stiffness and procrastination in the body. He has a burning experience around him.

 Treatment of Epilepsy

    For this treatment, the families will have to work a bit and you will have to go to a smoker and if your patient is male then bring a man's head bone from there. Please inform the man living there in the crematorium, if any dead person has been brought there to burn him, he will give you the head of the man's head.

     If your patient is female then bring the head of the female head of Smasan's deceased and cremated female. To get this, you only have to go to smasan. But there will be no other problem. You can go for it any time and collect bone.


   Take coconut bone from the crematorium in the house with a cylindrical insemination, then after that, make it a fine powder by putting it in a spinach. This powder will be used only in medicine. Place this powder in such a vessel of glass or sugar at a place where moisture can not go. This way your powders will be safe and will be able to properly clean the disease properly, because the powdered powdered half will work in half. Also, keep in mind that it does not fall on the ground.

 Method of use 
         About 7 to 8 grams of this powder will feed the patient in the morning. After that, take him to a religious place, and ask the patient to pray to his God that he will release him from this disease. After that, bring the patient to the house and relax in the quiet, quiet and airy room. Whenever the patient wakes up, talk to him about entertainment.

     Once this drug has been used, you can give it again after 3 months. Using this, your patient will be cured. Never allow the patient to realize his disease. Prepare him mentally in such a way that he begins to understand that his disease has ended.

 complementary cure

       In addition to the above treatment, the house should also take this treatment after one week after giving medication. Mix them with 10 grams of garlic and 200 grams of sesame oil. In the morning and evening, give it to the patient daily in the amount of 10 grams it is a complementary treatment.

     Also, from the second day of treatment, buying a nutmeg from a pansari, take a hole in the middle of these napkins and make a wreath of jayfal. Let this garland worn on the patient's neck. It also helps in correcting the disease, if you take care of all things with full attention and legislation, then this is the belief that your patient will be cured within a few days.

 Other Precautions 

      Talk to the patient so that he feels that his disease has completely ended. This will give him mental strength to end the disease and it will begin to realize that his disease has been cured or

He is no longer sick. Along with this, give the patient light meal during medication. Put him in a clean airy room or set a room for him, in which he remains alone. Anyone with him in the night, with him, wakes up and keeps on watching him. This has to be done for about 6 months. This is the medicine of this disease which eliminates the disease pure, weak, which causes the intensity of disease decreases and the disease gradually gets eliminated. It is very necessary to be patient till the end of medicine. Because this disease can not be told when it is suffering from disease. So wait if this disease does not happen again in one or two years, then you should assume that the patient has been cured. It may also be possible that if this disease recovers, then you can start this medicine again after 3 months. It does not take much time and does not cost much. Only have to make arrangements. Repeat this same treatment again after 3 months. Yes, if the patient is not suffering from this disease for a year or two, then know that the patient has now been completely cured of this disease.

Special and Required 

      If your patient is cured, then at the place where you had taken the patient in prayer and prayed to God, according to your strength, the offerings of 51 or 101 rupees must be shared at that place. Because your patient has been cured so this is not a huge amount. It is given to show God with reverence to God or to Allah, or to his favour or Jesus, whom you regard as paramount, to show his love for him. Do not understand this fact as useless and do it while praising God.
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