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Nightmare [28]

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       It is a disease caused by young people who has taken many young people in their arms. Those who are also hungry, they understand its pain very well. In the initial state of the disease, the patient is negligent. After a few days, it is understood to have treatment in his mind. Because it is a secret disease, it is hesitant at first, but when it comes to understanding that the disease has become fierce, then she thinks of taking all the embarrassment and treatment. Before treating it, it is important to know about this disease.

     Disease of the disease 

      At this time, the disease of semen gets reduced due to the patient's urinary tract at the time of sleep. In the dream, she realizes that she is in a sexual state or engaged in rhetoric with a girl. Immediately after that, the semen gets exhausted. In the severe state of the disease, the patient is not able to know that he has a dream fall.

     Due to DreamDrive 

      One of the main reasons for this disease is that, the semen of that man becomes diluted due to sexual mental meditation or cavity, due to which the patient lacks erectile power. Due to its misdeeds and cravings, its semen begins to erode. Staying in obscene environments, talking obscene, reading erotic books, and doing sensual thinking only cause this disease. Due to excessive amount of dinner, the patient continues to suffer from constipation. By which the sperm of the intestines is affected by its intestines, or the effect of the contaminated air. With friction here, the semen gets exhausted and goes out through the urinary tract. In such a state the patient is unhappy, and is always worried.


       Considering seeing erotic scenes in cinemas or books, it is the causative cause of this disease. Reading sensual fiction and watching bad guys, watching obscene dance and drama etc, reading pornography and songs are helpful reasons for this disease. For the above reasons, sensual feelings are born in the patient's brain, which is the primary cause of this disease.


      It is the main symptom of this disease, when the patient is exposed to sexually transmitted in the night or in the night, under the influence of erotic scenes. Due to continuous dream loss, the patient's metaphor is not confirmed. Along with this, the patient's fat, flesh, blood, throat, bone and medulla are weakened. Because of which she is uncomfortable, being depressed every day or night, and apathy towards any work is a major symptom of this disease. If this disease persists for a long time, and it is not treated, then this disease persists throughout life. Because of this, there are other symptoms of gout, pimples, eye discomfort and pus and urine along with urine, which also later the patient starts to feel.


      While treating this disease, the patient should first avoid any kind of sexual activity. If this can not happen, then this disease can not be cured. Apart from this, the need to squeeze the oil-sized substances and sweets etc. have to be ready to quit without getting benefit in medicine. After this, medicine can also be done.

       For treating the dreams, Palal Garudi, also called Chiranahta, is a famous medicine. In its shade, the dried leaves are 250 gm and roasted small black herb 60 grams. Keep in mind that small herbs roast in desi cow ghee only. Now put both medicines in the sugarcane and make a fine round powder. After this add 60 grams of sugar candy in it. Take this mixture of one hundred and a half tola with a mixture of this mixture with morning and evening cow's milk. Regardless of the type of this drug and no matter how terrible dream disposition, it is eradicated.

        Often people use someone for a few days and they stop after not getting profit in a few days. This leads to increased disease. Therefore, whenever you start taking any medication, do not make it until you get benefit. Therefore, I request that by making this medicine too many times, use it till you get discharge from the disease. Once the drug is started, do not close it at all. Because you have to take advantage only. If you have to recover then this medicine will have to run till the end. Remember, if you change the drug frequently and you will not benefit. Here's a special note to note that no medicines in secret diseases will start giving benefits until the gastro-rancid is clean. Therefore, before starting treatment you must have purified stomach. Keep this thing in mind and take advantage

    Jai Ayurveda 

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[ q/9 ] Tratamentul; O alternativă unică la sterilizare

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 Tratamentul; O alternativă unică la sterilizare

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