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Obesity [20]

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              Every creature in this world wants to be well-organized, beautiful and beautiful and beautiful. For this, he does some kind of exercise. To get a decent body, every person who is troubled by obesity, also takes the help of pranayama and yoga. But its atmospheric pollution, irregular diet, makes its body somewhere slightly or very unkempt or deformed. There is also an obesity in these shortcomings in the body of men. Because of which the body of a person starts appearing like a baby doll. Despite many efforts and efforts, he can not achieve success in it. Virtually the fat of the body is almost a curse for that person.

   Fat requirement 

      The work of covering our bodies and limbs is settled or fat. A thick layer of which remains under the skin. The work of this fat is to provide heat to the body. Apart from this, it also maintains smoothness in the body. In this way, this body also acts as a protection. And also does other defensive tasks of the body when needed. A fixed and fixed amount of this is enough for the body. It begins to bring fatness in the body by its excessive amount. Increasing its volume in the body, if its fixed volume is a boon for the body, its excessiveness becomes a curse for the body in a way.

  Because of obesity 

     The main reason for obesity is increased, people have to consume more quantity of lubricant substances. Due to not chewing the food properly raw diet juice provides nutrition to the fat. Warm food, bath with warm water, and wearing warm clothes sometimes also proves to be fat. Eating foods like junkfood and fastfood, sleeping in the daytime, and living a comfortable life are also due to obesity. Living a comfortable life and not doing hard work are the only factors which increase the body's pituitary gland and cholaki glands. And the body appears to be thicker. Apart from this, due to the stopping of fat in other sources, the increase of blood increases not only by the increase of blood.


       In the early stage of obesity, heavyness on the breast and abdomen occurs. Later this heavyness slowly begins to bring obesity to the whole body. After this, heavyness comes on the person's hips. Due to obesity, excessive excretion of the thirst, the elevation of health, and due to some diligence, breathing and exhaustion are the main symptoms. Due to obesity, there is scarcity in the throat, excessive sweating, staying niggardly in the body, indulgence in the person's brain, and more experience of weakness, etc. It is also the symptom.

Obesity home of diseases

       Obesity is a type of disease home. The reason for this is that due to fat in the body the airway is blocked. By which gas becomes in the stomach. Fat digested food quickly, which also leads to hunger. Apart from this, fat is replaced by meat in the body, which causes the blood vessels to become thin. Due to which the circulation of blood in the body is not properly done. Due to pain and swelling in the joints, lack of heat in the body and deficiency of disease resistance is due to obesity. Apart from this, there is also a lack of blood in the body of the person, due to which he always feels weakness.

    Other nuisance 
If the body remains obese for a long time, then that person becomes obesity, hemorrhoids, hoarseness and gonorrhea. There is a lack of energy in the body, which also leads to weakness. Due to this, the embarrassment of that person becomes impaired even if the sexuality remains in the body. As a result, he becomes ineligible for the genital herpes, and is ashamed of not being satisfied. Diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and blood pressure are surrounded by it.


     The obese person should stop using fatty foods as soon as possible. Apart from this, he should continue to fast by reducing the quantity of food. Regular normal diligence, exercise, pranayam etc. should be done regularly. After a walk in the morning, drink lemon juice in water and drink it in the morning and evening. By reducing the quantity of salt and by regular massage, the fat can be melted. The melting of the fat starts to be properly formed in the body.

 The treatment 

      The person who needs obesity should take enough lemons and honey from the market and keep it in the house. Squeeze the lemons brought out from the morning market and take 25 grams of juice. After that add 20 grams of honey in that juice, and dissolve it in about 250 grams of water and prepare it like syrup. Later, drink this prepared syrup. At the time of the patient drinking the syrup, he should have an empty stomach. Similarly, make this evening as well as drink the syrup and drink it. Obesity is required to be used for 3 to 5 months. With so much regular consumption, the amount of fat accumulated on the body is easily melted. According to the amount of fat in the body, the time of intake of medicines can also increase. It is such a safe, tested and useful medicine, which reduces every type of fat from the body. By regular use of it, the body becomes as well as well-adjusted and shapely. There should be no surprise in anyone that this is a wonderful drug to reduce obesity, and other fat-lowering drugs are rarely available.
  Jai Ayurveda 

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