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Paralysis of the mouth [1/2]

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 Paralysis of the mouth [1/2]

          There may be many serious and serious diseases in our body, and it also happens. Such serious diseases are also paranoia of the mouth. The person suffering from this disease becomes obdurate. Because of which, his face seems to be deformed. As a result, man experiences the pain and grief in his life. It is a condition that suddenly happens to the patient. This disease is not detected before the patient.

                \\ Due to the disease \\

       People who always talk loudly, that is, they speak loudly, loudly laughs, or people who have more births and have to bear heavy load, they get this disease easily. Such people always eat hard food, and such people who have to compromise just sleep in the position of a distorted body at the top of the place. Such people's body air gets stuck on head, head, nose, lips and eyes. The place where the stucked air stops, affects that place, making it distorted. As a result, the body gets frozen in that part


\\ Symptoms of the disease \\

       When the contaminated air that is produced in the body gets stuck on the face and gets affected. At that time, the person's face becomes a leper rash, it is called paralysis of the mouth. In this, the neck of the patient bends one more, and sometimes the head starts shaking. Due to this paralysis, the power of speaking the patient weakens, which is why it is very difficult to speak to him. The word can not come out from his mouth, clearly, not to get out of words, and crookedness also occurs in the eyes. Similarly, pain in the nose and cradle is also done. In the part of the body that becomes paralyzed, its neck becomes scaly, and there is pain in the chin and teeth.

   \\ Preliminary form of paralysis \\

         When a person is going to get this disease, at that time there is a thrill in his body, chills, dirt in the eyes and the air starts to climb upwards. Slowly, numbness in the skin of the body, and there is a pain like needle stinging on it. Apart from this, in the initial state of the disease, there is a stiffness and stiffness in the jaw on which side of the cervix it has its effect.

   \ \Malignant symptoms of yoga \\

         Regarding the malignant symptoms of this disease, Ayurveda has written that the patient becomes very weak, does not move in his eyelids, and the ability to speak is over. The person who reached this condition of the disease can not be cure of the medicine. Such patients come out with water from their nose and eyes. Vibrations are always there in the patient's body. If such conditions are available, then it should be understood that the disease has reached an inconsistent state. It is difficult for such a patient to recover from treatment. If you get success if you get success, then continue medicines further, otherwise you should leave it to God after considering it as an effect of past life.

  \\ Prevention of Disease Disease \\

      After diagnosing this disease, start giving the patient drying of dry ginger, and pour coconut oil into hot water and make regular weeds. Apart from this, stop the work of polluting air and polluting the air. Do not allow sour foods to be consumed at all. Apart from this, the part of the body of the patient who is paralyzed, give it a worn like this. After that, bind one or two nutmeg to that paralyzed part of the body in Janeu.

        \\ Medicinal Medicine \\

        Prior to the patient's treatment, purchase a quantity of 100 grams of ten medicines used to make perfumed debris from a grocery store in a grocery store. Take 10 to 10 grams of each drug. All these drugs start boiling 1 liter of water when the amount of water is 200 grams, then take off the vessel from the stove and start cooling. When the water remains lukewarm then add two pinch rock salt and 50 grams of Arand oil. Start half the amount of this medicine in the morning and half the amount given to the patient in the evening. Make medicines every day and eat it daily by making new ones. Whatever kind of paralysis it is in 8 or 10 days, it gets cured.

    \\ Second Solution \\

       Strike Barkiyah: Take 10 grams of purified and 40 grams of black pepper. Now start crushing the strike in a strong groin. Put one black pepper in it too. After all the chillies are finished, after about 7 hours and still roam. Keep in mind that the more knee you work, the more effective the drug will be, and the more benefit it will be. Now add one of the powders of this medicine with 3 gran rasasindur, by taking a silk seed, pouring it and feeding the patient in the morning. Feed one of the same medicines in the evening. After 1 month of taking this medicine, the benefits will gradually start getting started, and the paralysis will gradually be cured. This drug also has a complete guarantee of the patient's recovery.

          By doing the above steps, you can cure your patient himself. Before medication, read everything carefully, then only do the medicine, so that the patient can be fully successful in being healthy.

  \\ Jai Ayurveda \\

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