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Principles and Their Types [28]

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  Principles and Their Types [28]

       In our country there are many great men, Maharishi and scholars and sage etc., who have told a lot about the public and religion about spiritual and spiritual knowledge. Similarly, the name of Patanjali comes in such great Yogis. Yoga sage Patanjali told us the important facts about the principles that he had told to his people in his book. In his book Vhubatipad, the mighty powers of secrets have also been described Maharishi KaivalyaPad has explained the principles described in Patanjali sources and described in his simple language. They have told that the citadel is five types. All the types of the Siddiqui have been described while describing why the powers are disclosed, in the body, in the senses and the changes in mind, these powers are disclosed. The reason for this is the practice of human being born in the birth, and the auspicious work done by him Our objective is to inform the types of sermon in the present article, hence it is being introduced to them

   Birth from birth 

       If the seekers continue practicing meditation, their body does not obstruct in success That means, after getting second birth from one body to another, the principles made in its earlier birth even after the second birth, is regained in this birth. If the seeker has done some wonderful meditation even in the form of an incomplete form, even then the incomplete meditation of this is the discussion of the beneficiary, in the form of Yogavresh. | Even after it is incomplete, auspicious coincidence and supernatural powers are brought out. Such a combination of doubts and nature yogis is called the divine. Many of them can also see supernatural powers from birth

 Exercise from the drug 

          These principles are inaugurated by the coincidence of the pre-paid good deeds of the seeker Many flora and herbs have been mentioned in different types of nerves. Through these, many supernatural powers appear in the senses. It has been said that the ultimate author of the Lord Dattatreya described its entire process and the law of law. By using which the body can be made as strong as a vertra and powerful In our mythology, there are such stories that have been told to achieve various types of powers obtained from the law of law and legislation.

    The accuracy derived from mantra 

     Mantra is an important place in the civilization of our country In which the experiments are described by the mantras Various types of Tantric methods and procedures related to it are also described Mantology can also be used independently, it has also been linked with yoga and mechanism. Describe this, Patanjali has indicated the second chapter of his book on it And has told that selfishness, which also includes mantra meditation, begins to feel the eternal god. Describing further, it is further stated in this, that the use of chantras in nitrochemicals can be achieved by any means of conducting miraculous powers with many methods of instruments and plants.

 Till the fame accomplished 

      In the meditation of the seeker, the penance is an important place of penance, because the favors themselves have the complete law and science of themselves. This is done in the Scriptures and mythological texts Many rishas and munts have mentioned and mentioned the poets in their own way, and have done it In which he has said that the impurity of the divine gets destroyed by the effect of corpse. After impurity, the body and the senses are also purified at the same time The seeker of the senses and the purifier of the senses also get the integrity of the senses.

   Methods from the tomb 

          This accomplishment is called the source of all kinds of principles. According to the scholars of religion, the practice of perception, meditation, and meditation is communicated with sensitivity in senses in the body of the seeker and unprecedented power in mind. These powers are called Siddhaak's Siddiqui, which connects the person with all and society Through this power, flow of space prevailing in the body of the seeker begins to flow Many universities and power flows of all the universes come and become condensed This is the reason that its impossible work also becomes possible through the tomb, it is also possible to make wonderful changes in the lives of the person through that supplement with the power of view and satisfaction. That is why the idolaters of religion consider the power of Siddiqui as infinite This is the reason why great sages and monks have done many supernatural tasks in their lives

       These Siddiqui is an important place in the life of the seeker In order to achieve them, there is a need to maintain patience, purity and purity It is hard work to achieve success, but not impossible Accepting it, the seeker makes his former birth and present birth successful Along with this, he also performs supernatural work of Janaklyana
                   The End

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