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Religion is God's peace of prayer [26 ]

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Religion is God's peace of prayer

        To get the happiness of everybody in this world, the words that we utter with the true heart, we all know by the name of prayer. This word can be for God, Allah, Gad or someone, to whom he is revered. This is the process of the expression of his own conscience in a way. In this way, the true call of faith and devotion to your fate is called prayer. Prayer is a rhythm, which emerges deep within our mind. Through this, the seeker is oriented towards the Viraat. Words of prayer are beyond any kind of logic and language.

 The richness of the sense of gratitude 

      In every prayer made by human, there is a sense of gratitude in which his good thoughts are included. It is also known as the calligraphic crystallization derived from the human interaction. If someone thinks that prayer is a kind of prayer, then it can not be said inappropriate. It needs to be understood a bit. When we ask for something from our adoration, then it is a prayer too. Virtually there is a great difference in prayer and solicitation, because when it is asked, it is experienced that we are poor, inferior and poor, and have been inclined to fulfill their wishes in front of anyone. While the nature of prayer is completely different from that.

Fate's connecting medium 

      In prayer, we are merciful, we are grateful and thankful. Prayer is a way of meeting the devotee and God. The sense of gratitude lies in prayer. At the highest point or on the peak where the devotee and God meet. This is the prayer. Therefore, prayers have been included in some form in all religions.

   Recognition in all religions 

       All religions have supported it with somebody, that is why there is a certain practice of prayer in every religion. According to that, the law of a special practice of prayer is also determined and determined. For prayers, the Hindus regularly pay tributes every night, that is the law of the trilic evening. There are some actions in this legislation such that yogurt dedicates their expressions to God through their mantras that honor Mother Gayatri, and keep looking for an opportunity to become their benefactor. While five days' prayers are offered for the purpose of achieving all this in Islam. This is also a type of prayer. Similarly, Christians pray in church or in homes. There is a very important place of prayer in Christians, these people have singular or mass prayers here. In this way prayer is a thought, or a feeling or a reverence. In which people alone or many people join together to call upon God. In such a way, a kind of quote prevails in them, in which the thoughts of prayer begin to come true.

 No prayer equation

     Prayer is not a mathematical equation, which should be solved. It is not the law of logic, thought and analysis of intelligence. There is a call from holy and reverential prayer. Through the prayer, the doors of the heart of the door open, with whom lovingly enter the divine. The reason is that truth is received by reverence, and through the prayer the creature leads to the truth of God.

 Empowerment of Emotions 

     In the normal life of every human or in normal life, his emotions are in various directions, in many places and in many directions. This emotion revolves around in the family, and its actions. When we unite these emotions, concentrate or conquer them, at that time our feelings arise through prayer. When we remember God with such feelings, we get the best result of our prayers. In fact, the emergence of emotions is the proper medium to connect with God.

       The prayer made with a true heart is always fruitful. If the person has to connect with his fate, then he has to build a strong line of prayer from the fine threads of emotions and sympathy. God is always associated with devotees with a lanyard made of reverence and sacred feeling. This is the reason that in the moments of prayer, he gets the purse of God. In the end his life gets filled with successes.

The end 


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