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Simple Treatment of Hard Diseases [19]

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  Simple Treatment of Hard Diseases 

      My scholars readers today are going to tell you simple measures to treat you with such difficult people By knowing which you can easily overcome those troubles Today, we will tell you some tips, by using it, you can easily do it easily from nearby things. Besides removing your problem, you can easily treat your acquaintances

       \\ Lip crack \\

      People's lips often fall due to the humidity of the atmosphere in the winter And there are cracks between two torn places of lips People often chanting teeth By doing so, their problem goes on instead of decreasing their problems You should adopt this method for the treatment


     Managing a small vessel with you and fill the mustard oil in it Keep in mind that trade mustard oils should not be used, only oil used from crusher to the use of crushed oil should be used only. Keep it oiled after filling the oil in this vessel

       After getting up early in the morning, after taking a bath, taking the finger finger in the oil before applying a bath, put the oil applied on the finger in your navel. Always keep this vial near you Put this oil on the navy three times a day or as much as possible Along with 3 or 4 days, your lips will begin to get away, and gradually it will turn off gradually by stopping it regularly. If the glass is 3 to 5 mm then there will be no problem in keeping it with you This treatment is much better than any lip appointment And if the glass is small then it is also possible to keep close

  \\ N Heart Diseases Root Out of Origin \\
This disease is the place in the world's toughest diseases If the animal suffering from this disease does not take care, then he may have to be heavenly before he can finish his life. We are telling you such a treatment, which will eliminate your heart disease from root disease


    You can collect some whole black goggles and soap oil and butter from anywhere. 1 day before the treatment starts, put 12 grams of black whole urod in a glass of glass. Now fill this glass with hot water On the second day, take away the urad from the glass glass and remove the peel of them After this, grind the grains of peeled black urf grinding on the silbteet, make it a pulp or paste. Now add 12 grams of pure guggles powder to this paste Now adding this mixture in a kerosene, mix 12 grams of caster oil and 12 gram butter made of cow's milk well. It will take a long time to dry it Keep them safe when all things become united Your medicine will be prepared in this way

       This medicine is to be used immediately after you bathe in the morning After bathing, put the body wipe all the body with a towels or clean cloth Now fry the pre-prepared drug on chest and stomach and surrounding areas Then lie down for 3 or 4 hours During this, you can wake up, sit down and do lightweight work too When the coating is dried completely, then bathe again

           Use this experiment for about 7 days each month If you do a test after a few months, you will find that your heart disease has been erased Friends, is not a simple and easy solution to unhealthy illness, that too is very economical Therefore adopt this treatment, and get rid of heart disease

     \\ Cured in the same dose of sore throat \\

      Due to some reason, the people are strangers while speaking in a loud voice Because of which their voice is not cleared clearly With this problem, the person having two to four can not talk in a clear voice for many days Most of this problem is often used by artists, cowboys, and speakers For this we are going to tell you a tested treatment Only one dose will be alright to your sitting throat


      For this unique medicine, you have five leaflets, including leaf leaves, in which the dundi is also engaged. Also, take a half-a-a-year old hundred grams jaggery The jaggery should not be less than one and a half years old For this drug, native bungalow has to take similar leaves of pan This leaflet does not break when it turns The same leaf leaf is required to make the above medicine

       Now we are going to tell you how to make medicine First of all, add water to a clean silbteet and add a fine fine gram When the leaves are grinded very fine, then after adding jaggery to the last time, grind once Now, add this mixture into 1 liter clean water and mix it with water with a wood This will create a kind of sorrow Now add this syrup to a vessel and start boiling When the water runs 200 grams, then boil the boil, and cool it in a clean bottle

      When you go to bed at night, after about 50 minutes of lunch, go to sleep by drinking a single amount of drug in the bottle Believe friends, your throat will open in the morning and your voice will also get cleared Is not it unhealthy treatment of unhealthy disease

       That's all for friends today Furthermore, whenever we get the chance, then some days in this way, simple treatments of such ailments will tell you, till then, Jai Ayurveda.

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