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Spiritual Personality [23]

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         Spiritual Personality 

       In the last several articles we have told that, there are two kinds of men in the world First of these, the worldly and the other are called a spiritual man Their personality is also different In the present article, we will get the knowledge of the personality of the spiritual men

       Transpersonal personality 

       The personality of spiritual men is broad and wide The personality of such people is the most important feature that such a "mental range" of such men is narrow narrow or narrow compared to normal men. The reason for this is their serious experience His personality is defined only by the depth and widespread of his experience Hiding in infinitely the development of such men, even in normal doubts, the sky becomes male In such a way, such a person is such a form of divine form Everything inside them changes from normal men

     Different Mental Sensor 

      The mental world of a spiritual man is different from the general men's world These people raised above the narrow and narrow mindset of the world live in the scope of the relationship, the demands and beliefs of the relationship. These people live in it only Such people can not imagine any other relationship outside the scope of worldly relationships such as parents, siblings, husbands, children and friends.

      Rd rendering male 

           Looking for a spiritual man, it looks like normal men, but they differ completely from them, because their inner life is changed, sophisticated and enhanced. These men are relieved as well These great men come to humanity in order to fulfill any other purpose in humanity, and after fulfilling their purpose, they go away from this worldly world, in the world of divine world. They have to come in this world for some time to fulfill their objectives and to fool their goals. The great people of these great men are waiting for them to look after them

       Men and women living away from selfishness 

      There is no idea of ​​"I" and "Mera" in the mind of a person with spiritual personality He lives far away from selfishness and ego He knows that the root of all the sorrows of the world is the same doubts of humanity Earthly men are always engaged in search of it While the spiritual men are always away from these trends For them all the happiness and sadness of the world are of the same category Their experience is broad and wide What the appropriate men seem to be appropriate from their experience, they work only according to the same This is the reason that ordinary people are unaware and ignorant about the thinking of spiritual men, while spiritual men are neither ignorant nor ignorant.

    Comprehensive Mental Thinking 

       The thinking of spiritual men is widespread and wide, because the entire human race is included in their own relationships They neither have a feeling of urge towards anyone, nor do they mislead The thinking of spiritual men is also universal, and their confidence is more and more incredible He keeps his move like life in a battlefield like a courageous warrior, and also attains victory in the war of life.

      "Receptive and sensitive personality 

      The inner world of half-men's men is higher than the world of ordinary people That is why their thinking and understanding is also better than the normal human being Such great men do not have any happiness, nor do they suffer I experience the joy of others and experience the happiness and sadness in my sorrow The reason for this is that their lives are devoted to humanity Their basis for their widespread is their eclipse Due to the large eclipse, his character is of wide, vigilant and superior nature Such people consider their suffering and their pain to the pain and suffering of others, and always look forward to removing it. Because their sensitivity is more widely compared to normal men In order to overcome the suffering of ordinary men, these people of such great thought nature do pray to their God to overcome their suffering and pain.

       As we have told in the past that their experience is very deep They also have conscious development in accordance with the widespreadness of experience Due to this widespread, their personality is also evolved Such a widespread sensation of men's masses, mentality, conversion is of high quality Therefore their awakened illness and understanding are also vigilant To resolve any problem, the people are going to study their origin and to eliminate it, only their purpose is At last it can be said that their personality is amazing and unmatched People of this category choose and follow the spiritual post for the overall development of personality

       The End

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