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The basis of cultivation is ethics [ 11 ; 02 ]

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                             The basis of cultivation is ethics

        There is a great significance in this religious area, that the person who is not unified is not a person. Because such a person does whatever he wants in his life, he does not hide the defects in his mind for a long time. The filth of his heart becomes exposed on some occasion. At that time all his efforts become useless.

               The means of attaining spiritual spiritual practice

 Every man keeps on trying to make his life successful in some field. The name of a major area in this area is spirituality. Every man takes spiritual spiritual practice to achieve this. The ultimate aim of this sadhana is to attain Brahma. There may be some men who do not believe in the goal of their life ethics. But morality eases the way to reach spiritual spiritual practice. In a way, ethics is a means of commemorating the path of meditation of all the seekers. That is why experts and scholars believe that achieving the goal of meditation without obtaining no repetition is not easy, and it is not possible.


                         An effort to live a harmonious life

            Virtually ethics is the basement of cultivation. This is because mental cohesion is required at the time of initiation of meditation. This mental reconciliation is called ethics only. Every person should keep in mind that ethics is not the ultimate goal of practice. His ultimate goal is to be God Himself. There is nothing larger than the target in the life of a seeker. Some people think that religion does nothing in human life. It should be the only purpose of walking on the path of truth, not giving any suffering to anyone and not speaking lies. There is no special requirement to learn, learn and learn more from this. This is the key to success of life. Their idea may be right, but these people forget that ethics is an effort to spend a harmonious life. It seems more appropriate to call it dynamic power rather than steady power.

                    Required to win over anti-moods

          In every man's brain, many opposing thoughts are binding against one another to keep the world from harming the harmony. Conquering these, the equality can be cured in life. Between the ideas of inside and outside can be established by ethics. If in the form of lacquer and contaminated minds, they will become inner paradoxes, then in the mind of human beings, the ill effects of mental paralysis and aggression will be included. So that it will not be easy to get his biographical goal. The reason for this is that without attaining moral education in such a situation, attainment of sadhana can be naturally weak, or broken, without nonsense. Because the aim of the seeker is not the achievement of ethics, even if it is destroyed, the path of sadhana stops. Therefore, it is very necessary for a seeker to be nervous so that he can not become obstacle in temptation of attaining his lifetime goal.

                                 Ideal Ethics Required

          If the seeker will remain politician in his life, he will be saved from all the temptations and other evils of the world. As a result, persistence, valuable trends and philanthropy will continue to grow in his thoughts. From the same point of life, the seeker will start attaining the purpose of achieving the goal of life. That is why a seeker who wants success in meditation without attaining the piety. Then it does not succeed. This is the reason that if we find ourselves in today's society, then we get lack of ethics in every field, which always keeps misleading humans. It is clear that the basis of Sadhana is dependent on ethics.

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