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The only way to progress is penance [19]

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 The only way to progress is penance 

        There are two major areas of life for every person. The first is the physical area, and the other is the spiritual area. Every creature in this material world wants to implement one of these two areas in one's life. With his effort, he gets success in that area almost always. Only one rule works for success in both areas. The name of that rule is the penance. To achieve success in every field, one has to work hard. For this, he has to resort to effort, happiness, labor and courage. All these elements are important in achieving success. Yet there is a different place of effort.


       It is well known that if a person is a farmer, a laborer, a craftsman, a wrestler, an artist, a peon or a newspaper or anything, he has to adopt all the achievements of success. In the person's endeavor, it is the leading and first place in the world. It can also be called the principle of Mahapragya in a way. This philosophy applies equally to everyone's spiritual life. The probability of success in any area depends much more on this. In the proportion of the penance intensity in the instrument, success also results in the same proportion.

    The amazingness of penance

      Expressed in attempts to achieve success, "The significance of penance" can be enormous. Success also comes in line with the same. Tantric supervision of worship and sadhana gives insight, that the structure of the entire science of the whole world creates the energy needed for someone's progress, that is, this energy can be produced only through the penance. It is extremely important for every person to raise the level of intimacy. Because no work can be done without it. If any person has to raise his or her level of life, or move forward, if there is success in achieving success, then it can be done only by generating work force. In other circumstances, eligibility will not develop in it.

   Opportunity to benefit from the talents and achievements 

      When a person creates the eligibility of competence within himself. From that time it starts developing. Those people who have achieved success in the direction of spiritual progress, if their efforts are studied till the end, then this fact can be authenticated. Then it is found that only such great men have developed their eligibility by making necessary penance. Only after this development, he has gained opportunities for the benefit of "Vaibhuti" and "Siddis". From the best men to sages and sages, success has been achieved. All his successes have been dependent on the chastity or practice.

    Needs strong manhood 
In every physical field in the physical field, there is also a strong urge for self-promotion. By doing so, the abilities of a person develop, and through this it creates this capability, that it can make one of them attain the divine powers of the infinite and make them fearless. Apart from this, he can attract the followers of Goddess on this basis. All this is exactly the same, as the accumulated metal deposits at one place creates the ability to pull the homogeneous particles spread far and wide from its charm. This same fact or principle applies to letters in the direction of spiritual progress.

  Development of eligibility in the seeker 

     The progress that a seeker can achieve with his efforts, in the same proportion, also develops. As the growth progresses gradually, it also progresses in its domination. Because the origin of these divine achievements is in the inner enviroment of the person, and in this area, they also get immense grace from the broad Brahmin. With these achievements, the seeker becomes wise. In spite of this, the basic element remains where If he has to get it, he has to pay the price also.

   High-level breakthroughs

      If someone has done a good work in the physical field, then the work of karma and destiny of reward towards it becomes variable on the stage. Mother Gayatri is the goddess of great power, the principle of making her suitable for achieving her self-realization is easily understood by those who worship her. They get this information that the name of the spiritual man is the penance, that is why people are successful in achieving high level successes, like the great supremachers of ancient times, following them. In this success, the place of penance is the main place.

    Implementation of high level ideals 

         Those who achieve success through penance should not have selfishness or locals. He should adopt the Divine Traditions inside him with this radiance that animalism can not achieve success in front of him. A person should also have the courage to pay a fair price for the achievement of spiritual progress, because the Siddhis have always been available to the people of the same age. He should remember this fact completely, that it is not only to hurt people but also to adhere to high level ideals. And the work of Janopak has to continue. To accept this fact happily, it is called asceticism or penance.

  The end 

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