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Therapy of gonorrhea [ 02 /12 ]

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                                     \\ Therapy of gonorrhea \\

        This is a terrible secret disease that takes place from any age of 14 to 15 years of age to men of old age. Irritation of food, diarrhea in diarrhea, and pollution of the environment cause people's mindset to be polluted. As a result, this secret disease takes anyone into its grip. The body of this man remains weak, dull and inactive, which also affects his child. According to the father, the son may also be suffering from this disease. This is the reason that in today's national life, too many people are seen to be weak, discouraged, loathsome and diseased.

                                \\ Due to the Disease Disease \\

       It is known to all that the excess amount of any substance from the body is released from the urinary tract itself is called pyrama. For one of the main reasons, the person is constantly sitting, staying asleep or doing any kind of hard work. The following irregularities are found in those who get this disease. Such people eat sour foods such as curd or eat meat like pets like sheep, goat soar etc., eat new food and drink rain water etc. Such people love sweets, which these people eat with great interest. Similarly, sour pickle, heavy food and consumption of hot and sweet foods also cause the cause of pneumonia.

                                          \\ Pseudopods \\

       The juvenile or elderly men who have this disease continue to have irritation in their hands and feet. Having lubricity in body parts, being sticky and feeling heavyness also happens before this disease occurs. The rupture of organs in this disease is a common practice. Apart from this, the palate, throat and teeth of the patient are always kept from Malawrad. Fastening and hair growth in nails is also among the earliest forms. For all these reasons, his body remains weak and dull and inactive.

                                    \ Symptoms of the disease \\

       This is a terrible secret disease, causing the erosion of meat, meat, marrow and Venus in the body of the affected person. Due to this there is a decrease in physical oz too. As a result, the body starts becoming weak and weak. The five senses and activists of this person affected by this disease become inactive for their actions. For these reasons the desire power of that person becomes weak. Due to heat in the body sometimes digestion power becomes weak, due to which it has to go to diarrhea repeatedly. The sufferer occasionally gets dizzy, the mind remains unhappy, and pain starts to develop in the heart. If all the above symptoms start appearing in the body, then the meat of the body also starts drying.

                                 \\ Patient's urine color \\

        The urine color of the person suffering from this disease is similar to that of sugarcane juice, like the color of alcohol, like the washing of rice or stale water. Semen also comes with the patient's urine, which is clean and white. The appearance of red urine, the presence of deodorant urine, is also its symptom. Sometimes the color of red color or turmeric is as dirty or dark yellowish urine. Occasionally urination and medication start in urination too. If urine is tested, it is visible in salinity.

                                         \ Medical \\

          The patient of this disease is required to follow Brahmacharya. It becomes necessary to release his own cavities and free his mind from the disorder of the dirty sexual thoughts. For the treatment of such a patient, he has to collect the filament of rosemary, which is to heat 6 grams of quantity in 125 grams of water. When the amount of water is remaining 30 grams, then take it off from the stove and filter it, and lukewarm watering the patient. With this Ayurvedic medicine, 20 kinds of gonorrhea are removed. With this, continue to take the following measures to calm the burning of palms and feet of the patient's hands. Take the leaf of the tree of rosewood every day and soak it in 400 grams of water, and fry these leaves without eating anything in the morning and mix 30 grams of sugar candy and mix it with pigeon. This will remove gynecology in 10- 12 days. This medicine appears to come out from the fire with the hands and feet of the patient, but do not panic. The more heat gets out, the more help it will get in the recovery of the disease. Hope also becomes. In this way, if the patient is treated then the patient will successfully get rid of the disease within one and a half months.

                                           \\ Jai Ayurveda \\

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