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Treatment ; Acid attack [2/15 ]

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\\ Treatment ; Acid attack \\

        Nowadays newspapers get the news of the attack on acid attack. Acids attacking people often suffer from mental illness or any impairment. Such people attack the enemy in front of them to hide their inferiority and force them to acid attack. Occasionally there is hostility too, in addition to this people sometimes resort to acid attack for their self defense. Whatever the cause, but the victim has to face many kinds of problems. Having such attacks or having such incidents has become commonplace in every country. Girls in Islamic countries get their threats open because of their error.

                    \\ Body Rescue \\


         If the body is attacked by acid, then on that part of the body, acid becomes a special kind of irritation. In this attack, the affected part of the body can be ungenerable, rough and dreadful. The skin of the person suffering from this attack is badly affected. Patients of such an accident should be shown to the doctor immediately. If the doctor advises that the plastic surgery is done for the sufferer, then plastic surgery must be done, because the acidic area should be treated as soon as possible. Immediately after the attack, start immediately washing the affected area as soon as possible. It can increase the irritation of the victim. But gradually the full rest starts to come, and there will not be much harm to that part of the body. If you are suspicious that you may have an acid attack, or you have received threats like this, then start wearing clothes that cover your whole body. This way you can defend your primary.

              \\ When Acne in the Eye \\


       Occasionally the attacker attacks acid on his victim from the front. Its purpose in it is to distort the face. The face is affected only by this type of attack, sometimes the acid can also be in the eye. Well the natural process of the eye is that if something is attacked on it, then it takes its own defense. However, if some part of the acid has gone in the eye, then bleach it with clean water, and take it to a nearby hospital immediately. The doctor of the hospital will make the proper medical treatment according to his information. Which will not cause much damage to the eye.


\\ Successful treatment of acid attack \\

          No person can even know the words of another person's mind, that when someone will, when and at what time to attack, even if the body of the body is attacked with acid, then it is very easy to avoid it. And the easy tips are telling you. As soon as someone gets acid attack. You should immediately get milk from cow, buffalo, goat, sheep or any animal from the surrounding. By collecting sufficient amount of milk, start affecting the affected parts of the patient, with that milk. If there is an emergency and you are unable to find milk, at that time you try to obtain milk in a small quantity by persuasion by a woman whose breasts come milk. Maybe, if a woman's sister gives her milk by compassion, then the sufferer can be treated with that milk too.

          This is the specialty of this treatment that if a person suffering from acid attack is treated with milk, then the area where the victim's body is acidous, it is easy to get relief immediately. Along with this, his irritation also gradually diminishes. As much as the effect of acid on the victim's body has been affected, then it will not be able to grow. This therapy is guaranteed to be completely cured of the sufferer. This treatment does not increase the effects of acetic acid, but it stops the effect from the same place and gradually ends.

                                \\ keep in mind \\

         Therefore, whenever your information comes in such an event, you should first arrange milk. But if milk is not found, then the effect of acid is reduced even when the affected area is constantly washed with clean water. But after that you must take a physician and take treatment for him. In the meantime, there is no need to take the doctor if the milk is found. If the affected area is affected less then stains lying there will gradually decrease over time. But if the effect of acids is too much or has been affected, then it is necessary to make plastic surgery in that place.

             If treated with acid attack, if treated with this method, it is proved to be cheaper, easier and less expensive treatment than allopathic medicine; it also takes less time and avoids other types of jarring. Could.

                            \\ The end \\

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