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Tremendous Cancer Disease Cancer [16]

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Tremendous Cancer Disease Cancer 

     In this world, many diseases can be taken in life-related diseases such as HIV positive, dengue, blood pressure, pesticide and cancer etc. Cancer is an important place in all these diseases It is a rare disease, and whatever creature gets this disease, it seems closer to the end of its life. Because of this, the successful and accurate treatment of this has not yet been discovered Only Ayurveda could succeed in successful medical treatment Today we will get information about this disease, and will also describe its successful treatment


      In Ayurveda, it has successfully studied it in a very subtle form Cancer is known as Ayurveda Earlier it was considered as an illness When the correct information about this disease, the patient starts thinking about preparing to go through this world of distress In ancient times, patients of this disease were found equal to "no", but nowadays its fierce form is coming. The main reason for this is to conduct people 'contrary to nature', and do not pay attention to unhealthy changes in the body. In the beginning of the disease there is a simple lump in the body On which people do not pay attention Later it ignores it to ignore it After long time, when this lump is tested, the person finds out that he has been diagnosed with cancer.

  Cancer Types 

         For the testing of this disease, modern physicians receive information about this disease by microscopic instruments or by other chemical tests. He has divided the cancer into two types The first type of cancer is called benin or innocent cancer, and other types of cancer are called malignant or fatal cancer. Of these, first type of patients get success when they are treated But other types of patients are inadequate The method of treatment of such patients is also complicated In this disease, the doctor first needs to find out what level of disease is at Pregnancy patients can get better, but it is almost impossible to fix the second and third types of patients.


       Based on the symptoms of cancer, it is known in the initial state that there is a tumor somewhere in the patient's body. If there is any lump in the body which has been for a long time and is not getting well, then it can be cancer Apart from this, lack of blood particles in the patient, growth of weakness and growth of discomfort also reflects. In this disease, the environmental factor of the person and the environment of contaminated living is also responsible That is why not everywhere, similar symptoms of the disease have not been seen Initially, in this disease, tongue, breast, talent, tooth, nose, eye, pancreatic, stomach, female genital, toe and skin etc. are affected. The cause of the origin of this disease in Ayurveda is considered to be false diet and knowledge. Smoking, alcohol and other drugs can also be due to it Therefore, the patient must stop using them immediately

      Tested Treatment 
       The patient of this disease should be able to collect urine's urine every day Clean this urine with a 8 layer cotton cloth After that, drink one cup of its drink in the morning Similarly, drink one cup in the evening Tuck the knock on this point, urine's urine is no such thing It is also a miracle medicine An element is reduced especially in the body of a person suffering from cancer This element is called kakukumine Whose abundance is present in cow's Urine, which only destroys the roots of cancer disease The curucium element is found only in cow urine or in turmeric only Therefore do not hesitate to drink the urine of the cow People drink from it as well as waste flavors and perfection and cold drinks for entertainment only. But you are being treated, you have to get rid of a fierce psychiatric illness, then what is the problem in drinking like this? Take a little bit of patience, clean the dirt of your mind, and drink it as life's nectar This medicine is going to hurt you Therefore, hesitate to take it without any hesitation Do not do any kind of ideas for this You have to believe that you have to recover from this medicine Cancer can not spoil you He will have to be fine Yes, if you love the body more than the cow, then do not drink it completely and be ready to die, because death is waiting for you. You have to decide your life, death This is a recipe which has been adopted on many people and its successful results are also met

    Supplemental therapy 

         Guarantees you to recover from the above treatment But with this medication, the patient needs to put the powder of turmeric powder in 7 to 10 grams at the time of sleeping at night and slowly put it inside the stomach. It should take around 15 minutes in this process If you want, start eating us with a small amount of money and practice it, then keep consuming the whole amount later [It depends on your desire whether you treat supplementary or not, you will be from only] if you have to avoid the mouth of death and the victory over the cancer is water, then you have to do it There is no way too If you use this medicine with complete feelings and devotion then it is certain that you have victory over cancer.

  Jai Ayurveda 

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