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Unemployment is only karmataka [18]

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Unemployment is only karmataka [18] 

        In this world, the person has been born today than millions of years ago In times etc. humans only satisfied with their needs He had to work hard for his needs Life slowly slowed over time, and today, almost all the needs of the human beings are easily accomplished. After the requirements have been fulfilled, what has been achieved by human beings, honor, honor, fame and do not know The creature finds its happiness in it Everyone can have a long list of happiness In which some of her happiness gets fulfilled and something remains incomplete

    Fantasy search of happiness 

        Each person is in search of happiness in his own way But it is very important to know which happiness is tied over Our happiness is over the workforce and over the result If the result is removed from doing any work, only then the person will be limited to his work at that time When a person does not wish for fruit, only then he can get satisfaction The result is many times better than the result But nowadays, the person is happy to get the results of any karma Indeed there is a big difference in happiness and satisfaction At the time the person receives satisfaction At that time, he gets all the happiness of the world If seen in one way then the person's work is the head Getting happiness or receiving satisfaction depends on it

  Karma is the head's head 

        In this world, the work of every person is the head With good deeds only one gets satisfaction After getting satisfaction, the condition of that time is the state of happiness After that, he does not need to think anything It is clear from the above explanation that the person should do the work, his result should not be expected His actions will result in his worship from God There is no doubt in it Giving instruction to Arjun in Gita, Mr. Krishna had said that a person should work, and his fruit should not be expected. Because God is going to give fruit only Here an example is being presented here

    An example
        \Suppose a child is studying He also puts his mind in studies By focusing on, reading your reading also works This is his act But if he hopes that he gets a good job at the strength of good education, then there is doubt In the future, he will not get a job from his studies This means that if she hopes to get a job as a result from Patan Patan So there is doubt about it But the knowledge that has been obtained from reading the reading will certainly be of the same This will be his work After the study, his mind will keep swinging in between the happiness and the joy of getting a job This will never be able to get peace That is why the person needs to focus on his work and his duty Because the person who is going to get it can get from it

     Section of karma

        There are many streams of cremation of the creature Among them is the name of a stream of karma is righteousness Achievement of righteousness is not achieved by keeping peak, tilak and pranayama This is a type of showcase or a feud Through this, the innocent people can be cheated, but their welfare can not be done Such a kind of publicly called man is called tailor, and people never see it in respect of respect. People get insult behind it back Therefore, this situation of religion should be allowed to be abandoned

      Meaning of religion is karma 

      The creature should always accept this truth that religion is the karma area That means that religion means only with karma Man's deeds are superior Only then people respect it with their heart Thus, man starts enjoying Satakarma Understanding this fact here will be remarkable If anyone does his work with sincerity That is why he should complete his work as his own duty The person who fulfills the duty by his deeds can be called Karajogi That is why every person should keep doing his deeds By doing similar kind of work, he can get the title of Karnayi Every person should know that there are many types of charges along with the body as well A Karojnik has to complete it

   The body is the temple of the divine

      Everything is done in the world Through his knowledge he has realized that our charge is also with our body, that our body is our home Our house is the temple of the divine, where the soul resides Therefore, the body will have to keep it strictly by restraint and by security Whatever creature knows this secret of the body, and achieves success through it, it can be called the righteous. This is the only one who is called Karmogi He should always be ready to use his powers, rather than to use it Only then, he can enjoy life, and then he can become righteous and merciful to his religion. In this world every person should have the knowledge of the nature of Karma, the principle of Karma and the ideals of Karma A] It can be satisfied only by working according to the same Hence, he should focus only on karma without expecting Karma fruit in life Only then, he will be able to achieve the highest position of Karnayi

   The End

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