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World of desires [ a2 ]

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                                  World of desires 

     In this world, there is a reservation of different types of desires in the heart of every living creature Kamna can be considered a type of fire This is such a flaming fire that never understands If the wish is fulfilled, another wish starts giving birth It is ignored in the minds and minds of the new ones Destruction is in destruction of destruction On the contrary, when a man controls desires, only at that time he can be called discreet creature. Apart from this, it is victory for extravagant extortion of extravagance
                                 Wishes do not stop following 

    The world of lust in the human mind resides This world of desire never hides That means that the desires of the infinite times keep moving in the brain If a man takes them in his bus with his own effort Then he can control the desires of the mind in a way In such a situation the world of his desires extends away Controling the wishes of the soul by the soul makes it easy to fulfill the path of ultimate satisfaction Going on this path, he must get ultimate satisfaction

     No solution to wishing 

     When someone tries to tire up the desires of the mind, then he only gets into his fulfillment. The reason for this is excessive irritation in the untold of it Whoever is right in any form seems not appropriate None of its forms are good for humans That is why it is said that this is not such a dying tree, which expands its roots anytime and anywhere. After its roots, the tree spreads and spreads its toxic effect. When there is no fulfillment of the wishes of someone, then anger in that person is born This anger ends the discretion of that person, that means that true understanding of true wrongdoing ends.

   Hardness in Life 

    When someone's wishes are spread, then he does not understand the right and wrong Due to which his life span becomes harder than hard The reason for this is that within that person, one between the right and the wrong, the confusion wall stands Because of which, he sometimes takes the right to wrong as well, which creates the position of his unbelievable person, which is an unfair act of that person. By considering such ideology right and giving it a boost in life, finally it becomes destructive for him There is also one aspect of it, if the venerable creature of desires has considered immortal toxic, and has taken it, then it is unmatched to do so. Similarly, by adopting poison as an amrit, it is also decided to go to the mouth of his death, which is not a way to stop. Not all the wishes of this wish are proved by itself

    Rage of desires is anger 

     When there is no fulfillment of desires, anger creates a person's mind As a result, he starts burning in the fury of this anger, due to which everything is consumed, because it is well known that no one can do something good when angry. Due to this, all the work made by that man also worsens anger Angry is such a fire, it brings out many terrible forms of destruction and struggle The anger generated by the desires of desires is destroyed by destroying itself Due to which the boundaries of his relationship breaks This is such a wretched form of anger, which is intriguing to destroy everything That is why every man needs to keep the distance always from desires There is only one solution to it that the desires should be controlled, so that discrimination arises, or to mislead this anger, so that it can conquer desires.

    Origin of the ego 

   It is clear from the above consideration that the wishes can not be fixed in any form Therefore, every form of its nature should be conquered by the creature If there is some kind of desire to fulfill, then the person becomes born in that person, because in such a situation he feels that he has the ability, intelligence and skill in his own. In this way, the desire of that wish in his mind is the origin of ego, and there is also a new problem in front of him when he does not fulfill the desire.

   The desires of human life are similar to the masculine
        Due to lack of fulfillment, the heart neither receives peace, neither receives satisfaction The meaning of humility is only that we are like, we are not satisfied In such a situation, whatever efforts he receives, he does not get satisfaction So every man needs to sacrifice his desires, and try to fill his life with precious happiness, because of its abandonment there can be discretion in him. Who can improve his life Only by sacrificing the kindness of desires, success and happiness can be achieved in life That is why their abandonment is supreme

The End

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