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[ 02 ] religion ; Words of God


religion ; Words of God

 We keep listening to the pronunciation of three words from the mouth of the people. These three words are Satyam, Shivam and Sundaram. These three words are the words of God. From these three words the knowledge of God is realized. what is God ? If we consider this, then we know that it is only a set of high ideals. Thus, when these qualities are reflected in a person then it becomes the equivalent of God. Looking forward to this, we find that, "truth" is the first ideal of man. To attain God, people first need to follow this model. When he takes the lie to the truth instead of truth, then the building built on the foundation of lies can not be strong and strong. Such a building can not be inhabited by God. To achieve God's equanimity, if the first step has shifted from the ideal, then that person leaves on the path of destruction without going towards God and towards climax.

 Achievement of Divinity from "Truth"

 The purpose of every creature in the world is to achieve the achievement of Divinity in his life. The first symptom of Divinity is true. This truth is a part of God. It should not be weakened by the trauma of falsehood. Because it is impossible to fulfill its purpose. He must always keep this matter in his mind that wherever there is a part of the truth, or whatever it is, there will be a tableau of God. Everyone knows that God is formless. Therefore, its philosophy can be done by looking at the properties included in it. Wherever this quality exists in all the parts, there will be Divinity in equal parts, that is, God will be inhabited.

  Receiving a welfare sense from Shiva

 Shiva is the second attribute of Param Pita Parmatma. Shiva means Kalyan. God always thinks about the welfare of those who have achieved their fame or those who are in harmony. That's why he has been called welfare. He always welfare of his devotees and seekers by drinking the bad qualities. Until this welfare sense has not been absorbed in man, then he will always continue to work for the harm and disadvantage of others. On leaving the human welfare of this welfare, he will become a dead body, not Shiva. Dead body In other words, he dies like that. Therefore, it is necessary to do welfare work in order to attain God's fame, because it is the work of communication of Sanjivani in a person, it is a welfare spirit, and on the basis of that it can make the society alive and awake. In such a situation, the spirit of the sage and the monks will glance inside, that would be visible.

 Getting the Love of Nature from Sundaram

  Sundaram is synonymous with beauty and nature. We can feel the beauty of Nature in the forests of the nature, the forest, the snow-covered mountain ranges, the trees flowing through the crops, the various types of trees, the colorful flowers and the colorful butterflies. All the above things are part of nature, and God, who reveals Sushma contained within God, is the reason why God is involved in the particle of nature. The superhuman creator, Param Pita has made all his compositions so much Beautifully made that, it can be compared to its sublime finale. It is a well-known fact that the same kind of nature becomes similar to that of a person like this. Accordingly, his deeds are also in line with his nature. If anybody's nature is contaminated and disorganized, then its compositions will be ugly and clumsy. On the contrary, if the human end is delectable and pure, its works will be beautiful and beautiful. All the creations see such works in terms of praise.

  Specialty of the Father

 All of us, the creator, God God, has many different characteristics. He is very beautiful and mustache, that is why he has been called "Raso Vaishya". She is well-nurtured, full of beauty, beauty and harmony, and always keeps on wearing beautiful beauty, and beauty is beautiful. Both words are synonymous with each other in the perspective of God. Between the two is related to Choli and Daman, that is why Satyam Shivam Sundaram has been called Gunawalis of God. We see these forms everywhere, and worship them, worship and worship them. All of us assume that wherever in the world and in the world it is present, it is the manifestation of God Himself.

  The end

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