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[ 2 ] religion ; Three qualities of human nature


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religion ; Three qualities of human nature

 The parents of every creature born in the world are definitely there. But according to religious thinkers, their parents, world and grandfather are God. In this connection, everyone knows that, just as human beings are human beings, not monsters. Similarly a lion is a lion, not a goat. Because they contain their share. Similarly, when all creatures of the world are the children of God, then there should be a part of God in every creature of this world. Due to being a part of the soul, everyone has the ability and potential to be united with God. Because the soul of man is the heir of the soul, therefore there is no such reason to see that there is no love for Goddess of Divinity. It is of course that due to being entangled in the world's delusion, one forgets to understand this eternal truth and starts to consider himself as a mortal body.

 Living soul is indestructible

To implant the indestructible life entered into the human body with a dead body, or to say that there is only three qualities of nature to create an attachment to it. Those whom we know as Sat, Raj and Tama. It can be understood in this way as well. If the soul is eternal, ever, pure and indestructible, then the attraction of this body in our mind, the fear of leaving it, and how it is manifested. The answer to this curiosity is that, it is because we believe that ourselves, and our existence - are defined by the qualities of nature or through the qualities of nature. As a result, we accept our identity as a body by forgetting our truth, saaswat and indestructible form and binding in the qualities of nature. This is the reason that in the same way, the pleasures, attachments, anger, anguish and suffering of the body are ours. Whereas for a living soul free of contrary binding, it is nothing but an impression.

 Properties of nature

The three qualities of nature are very important. Those whom we know as Sat, Raj and Tama. They have their fixed characteristics, and their nature is their quality. Indian thinkers have always categorized them on their qualitative basis, and in this order, these 3 qualities of nature have also been classified. According to the thinkers, the attributes of nature which have stopped inactivity have been called "Tama", and the properties of the activity of kamana and speed are the "Raj", and ultimately the properties of the person having the balance and equilibrium "Sat" has been classified by name. This quality of nature is the body of the soul - the body is the desire and the desires of the body are mine, this kind of divine power produces that the effect of this divine power is the reason of birth and death of the person. Whereas the truth is that this quality does not bind the organism, but the attachment towards them becomes the cause of our bondage.

 Scope of properties

The nature of these three qualities of nature also happens on three different frames of our existence or our personality. Whose details are as follows

The effect of these qualities of nature has its effect on our mortal body, which we see as a gross body, or see it.

 This quality of the nature of the name "Tama" is due to idleness, power, inertia, inertia or confrontation.

| The impact area of ​​'' Raj '' is the human mind. In the human heart, the desire, desires, aspirations, ambitions and desires are settled. The state of the nature begins to be reflected on such a person receiving such condition.

Similarly, the effect of "SAT" field is visible on sentiments. Nature's properties realize the experience of human presence in the form of balance, equality and peace in the above creations.

Known in straightforward and simple terms, "tam" experiences despair and sadness. And "Raj" experiences hope and happiness. Whereas "Sat" makes a balance between them. These three qualities prepare the bond of life. Without these three, the soul can not live in the body. The reason for this is that as soon as they cross over, the soul becomes free from all kinds of bondage, and in its original form, it attains the original state.

The end

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