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[ 2 ] treatment ; Control arthritis

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treatment ; Control arthritis

 Arthritis is a venereal disease, which occurs when the body's dirt gets accumulated in joints. Vata disease is not sudden, but it is an integral series of many chronic diseases before it. Before the disease occurs The sufferer remains a fever. Apart from this, excessive use of acid-factor substances in the diet by the sufferer is also the main reason for this disease. For those suffering from arthritis, the winter season is more tragic, because this is the day when cases of pain in the knees and other joints are exposed more extensively.

 Immediate cause of disease

 In winter, there are several reasons for sudden knee pain, joint pain increases. In these days when the temperature of the temperature decreases, the body joints become more stiff than normal days. Due to this rigidity, knee pain is severe. As the temperature of the environment changes widely, the swelling increases as well, due to which the friction increases in surrounding nerves. This is the reason that the feeling of pain and stiffness in the knee also increases gradually.

  Second reason

 Other causes of arthritis include slightly atmospheric factors and slightly human activity. These are the other reasons we can know about the rise of arthritis in winter. Due to the gradual increase in winter gases, patients gradually start getting laziness. Therefore, people who wake up in the morning wake up, exercise, and other physical activities also reduce or stop, or do not do it again. Due to which the mobility of other joints including the knee closes. As a result this condition causes joints to cause problems.


 Patients suffering from this disease should not remain in such a posture, which may cause pressure on joints, such as, in the arthritis of knees, a person should not sit on boards or floor. They should wear enough woolen clothes to protect themselves from the cold, so that the affected ones remain cold. The sufferers should not procrastinate in their daily exercise, and do not hesitate to take more burden than their ability. If the problem is high then immediately go to the doctor and seek appropriate advice in this matter, and take the medicines as told by him regularly. Generally the patients themselves purchase painkillers to get rid of their pain, and they start consuming them. That should be called inappropriate. Do not use penicillor for any type of doctor's advice.

 Ayurvedic Medicine

 The patient of rheumatism should search for Arand's plant and bring it to its root and dry it in the shade. Make a fine powder by decoding the completely dried root. Consume 6 grams of this powder in it 3 times a day with a cowboy decoction.


 The patient should take the neem-clad Griloy home in a sufficient amount. Now take 20 grams of quantity and start boiling it in 1/4 liters of water when the boiling water - boiling 1/4 of the quantity, then take it with Arad powder. To remove this, the patient has to make freshness every time.

  complementary medicine

 The patient should also continue to do supplemental medicine along with it. For this, make powder by grinding 20 grams of salt, 30 grams of celery, 50 grams of stem and 120 grams of herb. Take 6 grams of this powder in morning and evening, with fresh water. It is quick to recover the arthritis.

 Jai Ayurveda

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