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[ 2 ] Treatment ; Diphtheria


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Treatment ; Diphtheria

 This is a terrible disease that is happening to children, if it is time to be treated without treatment, then the child reaches the worst state of the disease, resulting in the death of the child as a result. Is a disease that falls under the category of specific infectious diseases occurring in the baby's throat and nasal. This disease is more common in children living in cold and temperate environments, and sometimes spreads in large cities and hilly states. This disease occurs most often in childhood. It is likely to occur after the disease of measles, major cough, influenza and throat diseases.

  Introduction to disease

 This infectious disease of a particular category is mostly higher for children over 1 year old. If this disease is a child in the house, then other children of the house are also suspected to be infected. Therefore, when a child is infected, it is preferable to get it treated as soon as possible to the doctor and start treatment, so that other children are not affected by this infection.

  Spread of infection

 When a child is vulnerable to this infection then the patient becomes a special type of membrane in the throat of the child. There are many infectious animals present in this membrane. When the child spits, coughs, sneezes or speaks, the bacteria are exposed to the air at that time. Due to this disease, others are at risk of affecting children. Apart from this, if the other child comes in contact with the child's saliva, handkerchief, spoon and glass of water, then even then the spread of this disease starts spreading rapidly in other children, as a result of the other children They are also vulnerable to this disease.

  other reason

 The children of the parents who make their children an atmosphere of diarrhea, unlike health rules, or keep their children in a dark place filled with smelly and awkwardness. Patients consumed children's excrement, or dirty garbage places, pus in the clothes, nasal water, drooling, stale and bad food, keeping them in contaminated places, consuming contaminated milk etc., to their children The risk of disease is high. Due to their inappropriate care by the children's parents, redness is born in the neck of the children and this disease gets.

  First condition of disease

 In the first stage of this disease, there is the primary symptom of this disease, due to the presence of white and redness in the child's throat, white layer is seen in the child's palate. Two to three days after this, the white sheet of the palate is converted to the membrane, which causes the child to get swollen throat, and he feels the pain of swallowing a substance. Gradually, his fever reaches 102 degrees, cough starts, difficulty breathing, and the head is also faded.

  Second stage of disease

 In this condition, swelling of the throat increases and fever also reaches around 105 degrees. The baby's pulse speed becomes intense, and she starts chattering unnecessarily. The patient's face becomes red, and the thirst begins to feel more, its restlessness and body odor also increase. This is a terrible condition of this disease.

  The third stage of the disease

At this stage, the baby's neck gets strident, and there is a lot of swelling in the throat. Pain in the child's ear also starts, because the disease poison spreads to NASA. This disease is even more dreadful condition.

Last state of disease

In the final state of the disease, swelling of the throat increases to the throat, nostrils, larynx and other tubules. The odor also increases. The baby's body gets blue. This is the worst state of the disease, after which the child is almost impossible to survive.


For the treatment of this disease, make Suhgaa from the market and make a blister. After this, make a fine powder of this flavor. Mix 2 or 2 grams of this powder with honey or glycerin and keep the baby thrice after 3 to 3 hours, and keep it around the throat. After that, heat the throat with hot water too. In addition to Raasana, for the root, satjean, pomegranate leaves, red sandalwood, pashmool and nirgundi all boiled in water with equal equal amount and boil it in the water by sitting near its steam. By doing this steam will keep the throat in the throat and reach the throat. Later, let the child bath his body with water. Apart from this, applying glycerine in the throat reduces swelling of the throat. Start laying the patient in bed in a quiet environment in a quiet environment so that other children of the house should be away from the sick child. Apply the injection of diphtheria antibody to the child, and get rid of water with hydrogen peroxide. Feed the baby to eat milk, fruit juice, tea, coffee or fluids. If the above mentioned medical condition of the child is done in the initial stage, then the child will surely benefit from this problem. If the disease has reached the worst condition, then the patient will be the child; Take him to the pediatrician '' and treat him. Because it is not good to take a risk of useless in vain.

 Jai Ayurveda

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