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[ 2 ] treatment ; Use eyebrows to keep eyesight taut


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Treatment ; Use eyebrows to keep eyesight taut

 If God has made any diamond organ in our body, then it is only the eyes. If for some reason the person's eyesight becomes weak, or the light of the eyes goes away then it becomes dark throughout his life. It can also say that blindness is like a curse for life. After the blindness of the person, the remaining life of him becomes filled with various kinds of sufferings. That's why every person should take care of his eyes, I do not care less.

For this, here we are telling you an Ayurvedic recipe. Using this prescription, you will accelerate your eyeball eyes, like pigeon eyes. At least you will not have any weakness of your eyes in this life. The name of the drug used in this medicine is Machad.

  Regarding receipt of the drug

 This medicine is born on the high and fertile dunes of the soil, which is called as Bhita in the speech of the village. In the early days of the rainy season, this drug is born on these seams. After that, after being young, it ends up fading in the early days of summer, and once again again it starts getting born again. The root of this plant is the adrenal gland. These roots are used for medicine. Nomad people living in the village dig up the roots of this plant and collect a considerable quantity. Later, drying it in the shade, it is sold at high prices in the cities of Pansario. Which makes them quite profitable.

  Drug making

 The root of this plant is used only for medicine. So first, gather lots of its collections. Then they bring it home and dry it in the shade. Before drying in the shade, the roots of this plant are divided into smaller sections. On drying of the medicine, put it in the margarine or make a fine powder by cracking it with a hammer. After this, keep this powder in glass bottles, so that there is no moisture in it, the reason is that when the moisture takes place, this drug becomes relatively less effective and sometimes also becomes useless. So keep the drug in a safe place.

Quantity of drug use

Three grams of this medicine have to be uprooted from daily activities and take it with honey. 40 minutes before the drug intake, and after 40 minutes, nothing is forbidden to eat. In the drug intake period, it is forbidden to eat good, oil, sour, salt, chilli, stale and heavy food. Stale and rich food can not eat at all. The remaining foods can be used in very small amounts.

 a routine

At the time you are taking this medicine, you must include some things in the daily routine. When you got up in the morning after rinse, you must do niti rituals at that time. After the Nitya Kriya, you must drink about 50 - 50 grams of humming water from both the nostrils of the nose, and whenever you go to a bath, do a massage of about 15 - 15 seconds of pure mustard oil in both of the legs before bathing. |

 A problem

Getting this medicine, now almost the toughest task is going on. The reason for this is that now the farmers have started making farm in such places. Where this medication was easily available. Apart from this, the people of Banmanuj caste, wherever they find this medicine, they are picked up by digging immediately, due to which getting this drug is becoming a difficult task. However, where the forest and the garden are safe, this drug can be easily obtained. And can be used. In our area, this medicine is not available at all. We told this explanation that, if anyone knows, then he can do it and take advantage.

 Jai Ayurveda

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[ q/9 ] Tratamentul; O alternativă unică la sterilizare

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