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[ 21 ] Treatment


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treatment ; Leprosy information and prevention

This is a disgusting disease. In this disease, the body parts of the body begins to thaw. The odorless pus comes out from the affected organs of this disease, gradually this part of the patient starts flowing and melts. On the climax of the disease, the organs gradually disappear or disappear from the body. Because of which no other person would wake up or drink it. Apart from this, he also does not want to have any connection with the patient. In other words, if you are told, people see such a patient with hatred. The patient of this disease himself also hates himself, sometimes even with the patient suffering from the disease, he starts thinking of suicide.

 Make every powdered leprosy

The diseased patient should take this powder to get rid of his disease. For this, the patient has to collect the seeds of the tree called the alum. When the quantity of these seeds is about 2 kg, then clean them up so that they can get rid of dust on them. Now, in half the quantity of these seeds i.e. 1 kg seed, soak in 12 to 13 kg of water. After soaking these seeds in the water for 7 days continuously, filter the water thoroughly and throw the seeds and secure the water. Cook the remaining 1 kg of seeds and make a crushing powder.

 Consumption method

10 grams of this powder should be eaten without any food after adjusting with daily actions in the morning, fill in your mouth. After this, take 50 grams of water made of seeds from above and also feed the powder by drinking it. After 20 to 22 days of continuous use of this powder, the thinning of the patient's body will stop, and the disease will also be destroyed. This simple solution is seen in view, but with its effect, it has the power to destroy the disease.

 Patient's meal

In the time of medication, the patient should take a very simple meal. Use only gram flour of gram gram, and ghee of indigenous cow. The use of vegetable ghee, sold in markets, is absolutely forbidden. The patient should stop the use of salt altogether. He should only eat gram flour and ghee for about 25 days.

 Complementary treatment

The main treatment of this disease is enough to end the disease, but if this supplementary treatment is also done, then the drug can easily do its job easily to eliminate the disease.

 The patient should bring about 50 grams of radish seeds from the market, and grind them into the pure vinegar of sugarcane and mix a little number in it and prepare the lip. This work should be done in the evening. After 2 hours of preparation, the yeast will rise. Now strain the stains with a cloth and put the yeast on the scars. Soon after sleeping, go to sleep. Through its continuous use, the patient's disease ends comfortably.

  Leprosy is a type of disgusting disease, and there is bad disease, which destroys the beauty of the patient. Its stains are increasing day by day. Therefore, treatment of this disease can be cured easily if treated only in the early stages. The disease reached to its climax is very difficult to cure, that is, the condition of fear is not affected by drugs, or it is late. That's why the patient and his friends should take care of this disease, immediately after diagnosing the disease.

Jai AyurvedaTreatment

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Now , being a childless is an imagination


Are you childless, and want to get children

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         So be sure to read

Friends, every creature who came into this world desires his children. But see the irony of God that he gives someone so many descendants that the person starts wishing God, that he no longer needs a child. But in this world there are some disadvantaged people who do not have children. Such people pray to God for their childhood by going to the temple, mosque and gurudwara etc. to get offspring, and to revive the sadhu-sannyasis and pir fakir So that they can get children in some way. Do they get success in their efforts, perhaps not.

 When he can not achieve success in his tireless and sustained efforts. In such a situation, when people can not become parents for many days

Then the thinking of those childless people becomes something like this

He thinks that

    [1] Perhaps the happiness of the children is not written in their part; Many people have not been given God by the saints but perhaps we will have to pass the same age like this.

  [2] We have done many types of efforts but success has not been found in it.

    [3] Perhaps in this world God has sent the prodigal arrows of the childhood of others to listen to this world.

       [4] All I have is why I should adopt a child so that I do not feel the lack of parental status.

      [5] Maybe it is written in my fate or the curse of my previous lives which I have to suffer in this life.

[6] Why do not we, like others, try to become a parent by surrogacy

 We can also get the pride of being a father, even on the right.

[7] Why is God so heartless towards us that has made me free?

        Run away from despair, try again


Impossible to be a parent


 In today's scientific era, childless people no longer have any special need for harassment. They want them to try again once again. It may be that in their life children have written happiness. You may have to make some efforts for this. Where you have failed even after trying many times, there is no harm in making another attempt.

🔺🔺 Note - Firstly, both of you go to a sex-specialist, and according to the doctor's consultation, both of you should complete your checkup. After the whole checkup, you can also get the reason for both of them being childless. Sometimes the full development of the uterus is not possible for the life-cycle, in such a situation, it can not become a mother throughout her life. But if both of you are lacking or there is a small shortage, then try to remove it. Here we are explaining some tips. Maybe they can help you. One thing you can clearly understand that if the womb of a woman sister is not fully developed. It is a physical structural flaw, which can not be solved. Therefore, those women sisters should leave the hope of becoming a mother in their life.

Statement Your Try / Your Success

 First stage of treatment - [body cleansing]

        It is important to be clear and clear of the stomach before taking any treatment related to genital herbs, we should read it carefully to you, which you are going to tell. The patient should not have constipation at all. If these problems are in the body then first of all make arrangements to remove them.

Second stage of treatment = [purification of genitals]

 Apart from this, if the woman has any disorder due to pneumonia or menstruation. So the patient should contact the doctor to remove this problem. If you continue reading these articles, you will continue to tell you further about you.

Third phase of treatment - [uterine purification]

For this, you brought a little bit of alum from a shopkeeper. Now, take the rate quote for this alum. After this, heat the pudding on the stove and make this alum powder. After this, grind the foil to a fine paste and keep it in a bottle. Now take a cotton, white, and zinc cloth. Make many potals of this cloth. Fill 3 grams of alum in these bottles. Now fold the mouthpiece mouth with the needle thread so that the thread's length is long. After 3 days after the end of the menstrual cycle, keeping a bundle inside its private part, sit for some time on the ground. The effect of medicine will get rid of the uterine dirt. In this manner, keeping the potals on the private part every evening for 1 week. This will purify the uterus.

last phase of treatment

 There is a tree in the village and the countryside, which we call the Acacia or the Keekar. Some keekar tree comes out of a fad at four to five yards away. Find out who is called Keekarbanda and bring home. It is definitely difficult to find out, but it is found. Dry it in the shade and add a nice fine paste. Next menstrual cycle

Jai Ayurveda

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