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[ a/21 ] Treatment; Cure of breath or asthma in the same week

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 Treatment;   Cure of breath or asthma in the same week

       There are many important institutions in our body, in which there is an important place for the respiratory institution. By the process of this institute, the life air in the human body [oxygen] goes, and the contaminated air [carbon dioxide] goes out. The breathing process is through the breathing tube. For any reason if swelling occurs in the breathing tube or the cough is accumulated in it, then there is difficulty in breathing. Infection of the respiratory tract is said to be called respiratory disease, in this disease, the sufferer suffers a lot of difficulty breathing.


       It is a major cause of inflammation in the respiratory tract that becomes the medium of respiratory function of the respiratory instincts. For this, the contaminated environment around people is responsible for irregular diet and contaminated food. Pollution of the environment and pollution and irregularity of drinking water have an impact on the airway. Due to which the cuff is collected in the breathing tube. By gathering the cough in the breathing tube, the order of the arrival of the air is interrupted, in which the person has difficulty breathing. Sometimes the discomfort and anxiety of the patient reaches its peak. Because of which she can not sleep at night. The victim is sitting in bed all night. I often visit Brahma Muhurta in this morning. This condition of breathing difficulty can range from few hours to several days.

      Types of Respiratory Diseases

      Ayurveda experts have divided asthma or breathing disease into five types. [One] Mahaasadha [two] Vardhavaswans [3] Tamasavasan [Four] Chhinashvans and [5] Khudshavans. In these five types of respiratory diseases, Mahashvans have been considered incurable. It is impossible to cure the patient's medical care. Similarly, second and third types of respiratory diseases can be successfully treated. But the condition is that their address will start in the initial stage. Two types of respiratory diseases can be successfully treated.

     Tested and learned treatment of respiratory disease in Ayurveda

          Ayurveda is a tested and undercurrent treatment of respiratory disease. The doctor has to be prepared for the treatment of this disease. The doctor should see that during the day, he saw such plants of Latzira which he could conveniently find in the darkness of the night. The doctor should first take two nuts black pepper, then wait till the night of the new moon. On the day the new moon passes in the dark, that night, go to apamarga plants and break twenty grams of leaves. At the time when the leaves are broken, there should not be any light battery or lantern near him, because the effect of the medication is not affected due to light.

           The leaves of apharga are immediately brought home and thrown in a scarf. The leaves should be about 2 tolas, and 2 nuts of pepper, which has already been arranged, should be mixed in the leaves. Black pepper has to be arranged in advance. After putting both things in the kharrel, after making a dip, make about six tablets in the dark. After that, let these pills dry in the dark dark night in the darkness of the new moon in the dark night. Keep in mind that any kind of light should not be used till the time the tablet is dry for the drying of the tablet.

Consumption method

       When a patient is to be treated, the night of the Krishna Paksha is to be prepared by a pill patient. When the doctor gives medication to the patient, take the medication where it is kept in the dark room, and in the darkness, only 1 shot should be lighted by water. After that again feed the same bullet in the night again the next day. Similarly, feeding one tablet daily, the patient will get full benefit from breathing disease within a week. The overwhelming and noticeable fact is that at the time the therapeutic patient is treating the patient. At the same time, he continued to take Chavan prashad twice a day. In addition, the patient should be curdled with sour foods and cold foods. Drinking and smoking are particularly prohibited. If any food items containing cold tapes are not consumed in the food, then the patient will get full benefit within a week. Even after having a full benefit, the patient has to remain immunized for approximately one month. He also has to avoid eating jaggery, oil, stale food, salt, pepper and sour. This gives him full benefit, and his life begins to run like a former.

 Jai Ayurveda

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[ q/9 ] Tratamentul; O alternativă unică la sterilizare

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