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a/22 ] Religions; Adipakti Maa Bhagwati's form sleep

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 Religions; Adipakti Maa Bhagwati's form sleep

      In the way our religious texts describe various forms of worshiped deities. Similarly, many forms of Adivakti Maa Bhagwati have been described. In Maa Bhagwati's Leela stories, a detailed description of their forms and effects has been mentioned in these lyrical myths have been described in countless forms of the mother. In these there is a form of Mother's form of phonnidra. The description and description of this form of hypnosis is being done through this article. The reader can get the knowledge of this form of Mother and fulfill the desire to receive His grace.

        \\ Mummy's look

     Jagtatma Maa bowels to this form of Bhagwati. It is said that Adipakti Mata blesses all the creatures of the world in this form of peace, rest and life energy. Those devotees who worship the mother, only they find the grace of the mother. Apart from this, the person who does not attach any attachment to the mother, the animals are deprived of their mother's grace in their life. The more the effect of devotion of the devotee, the grace of the mother can be less or more according to her. The creatures receiving the least grace get no rest, nor do they get peace in life. This is because because of not receiving the grace of the mother, the life energy decreases in her body. Due to lack of life energy such animals are always surrounded by fatigue and depression.

      \\ Effect of life energy \\

       As a result of Mata's grace, those devotees get proper grace of the mother. As a result, life energy flows in their body. That is why he is always happy in his life. Apart from this he also gets good luck of health. This truth of mother's grace is accepted by both science and spirituality. On the contrary, those who lack the grace of the mother, difficulties in their life continue to come. Because the flow of life energy is also low in them, due to which their life keeps passing through the difficulties of life. The person with low life energy has to suffer physical illnesses, mental distress and sorrow.

      \\ Different views and different paths of sadhana \\

      The glory of this saint of praise of the mother has been proclaimed in many places. It is said that from this night only, Brahma, who created this creation, praised Tamogun's dignified Yudhindra. The greatness of Brahma ji is called the nightly festival. The intellectuals and scholars of intellectuals believe that due to the child's recitation of this night, those children do not have to face sleep disorders. Such children do not have bad nightmares, nightclubs, etc in the night.

     \\ Effects of nightclub people \\

         It is not that only children benefit from nightclubs, even when older people even worship the holy man, worshiping night and night praising Mother Bhagavati. They also do not have diseases like insomnia. Apart from this, their life is always in peace and rest. This is because the mother blesses the life energy by being pleased with the devotion of devotees. Thus, this Bhagavati Yantra, given by Bramhdev, is pleased with the eulogy, and makes his life successful by his grace. The scholars of spiritual knowledge say that being pleased with the special praise given by Bhagwati Yoga, God's eyes, mouth, nostrils, arm and heart begin to come out and fulfill the purpose of the seeker.

      \\ HIDDEN HOUSE \\

      Whenever a creature is under the influence of this science, or becomes, at first glance, his eyes begin to dampen. After this, the movement of air through its nose gradually diminishes. After these actions the seeker's arms also relax. After these actions are completed, all his consciousness starts concentrating in the middle of his heart. Such a condition of devotees can be called sleepiness. After his awakening, his leadership consciousness gets saturated by attaining knowledge from these places. After this, devotees unintentionally become knowledge of Mother's glory. After that, his life is blessed and his life becomes successful. Therefore, every creature should also worship the mother's Yogidra, which will give her the energy of life and fulfill all her desires.

   The end

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