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[ b/2 ]Simple and easy for pandu disease

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Simple and easy treatment for pandu disease

         Pandu disease is taken from prominence in liver diseases The body parts have the main place of liver, where blood is formed Ayurveda is such that if a man wants to be healthy, he needs to take care of the proper form of his liver. Because of the worsening the condition of the liver itself, the disease has an effect on the person's body Therefore, the condition of liver should not worsen The reason for this is that on the worsening the condition of the liver, i.e., it can cause many types of diseases in the body when the disorder comes. In which pundurog means i.e. Peilia can be taken prominently The main reason for the origin of this disease is to be softened in the liver Due to being a male in the liver, the patient becomes the first person in the body of the person and then the nails are yellow. After some time, its urine also gets yellowness

 Identification of the disease

        It is very easy to recognize whether a person is a disease or not Take a little bit from a medical store for this The reason is that cotton mixed with the medical store is frozen and poisonous Make a ripe of this wool When someone gets up in the morning, one gets his first urine, then he must collect his first urine in a vessel Later, he saw that urge in the urine If the color of the foam becomes yellow, then it should be understood that the person has got pandu disease

    Ayurvedic treatment

         If the body of a patient suffering from this disease has reached the toughest condition of the disease, then use this Ayurvedic medicine.


 Treatment with radish leaves

       The doctor needs to buy a lot of money from the market before healing the disease Now in the past, grinding these radish leaves on a cylindrical and taking about half a kilogram of gram juice for a young patient. Now, pick this juice with a clean cloth cloth and mix some sugar grains in it. Now this drug is ready to remove the patient's disease

 Intake method

      The quantity of the above medication is sufficient for a young patient Any person who has been pandemic, this medicine should be given to the patient prior to sunrise in the morning. The patient should not be allowed to eat anything before he is diagnosed with this medicine As soon as the drug reaches the stomach, the patient will feel comfortable If the patient is asked about the benefits from him then he will say that he has started getting benefits This medicine is to be prepared for the patient every day, and immediately after making it, the patient has to drink


 The quality and effect of the drug

            Due to this medicine, the patient will feel well hungry It is worth mentioning that the patient may feel diarrhea Being such such diarrhea can also be an organ of medicine because it is often seen to see that no one is diarrhea. Due to the use of this medicine, the disease gets removed within a week

       Keep faith

       This is an Ayurvedic treatment of Pandu's disease, which you can do with your faith without any hesitation, therapy itself. For this, you can apply the condition that the patient will be cured exactly one week There is no symptom left for any type of disease in this patient


      Before you take care, you have to take care that whenever you buy radish, take it from a reliable person The reason is that nowadays many varieties of basics have begun to earn commercial gains in the market Whereas only native radish leaves should be used for medical treatment This can quickly overcome victory over the disease But if other native originals are not found, some other kind of radish leaves can also be used This may take some time for the disease to be destroyed The second thing is to keep in mind that if the patient gets diarrhea during the treatment, then it should not be scared because someone gets treated during the treatment. Whenever the patient is diarrhea, do not take medicines of the dungs Such diarrhea begin to occur due to the use of this medicine Occasionally, such a situation comes to the fact that the patient starts to diarrhea, in such a situation, if the drug is stopped, first you should treat the diarrhea. And after recovering the diarrhea of ​​the patient, approximately 15 or 20 days have passed, this medicine can be done again

Jai Ayurveda

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[ q/9 ] Tratamentul; O alternativă unică la sterilizare

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