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[ c/2 ]Clean the conscience

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                      Clean the conscience

       By using the science of intranata, the mind can be relieved of anger and malice. Only after such a person does not love anybody, nor is anybody hated. Only after that, a common sense arises for all the creatures of the world. On getting rid of anger and malice, the intestines of the human being are easily experienced by experiencing the enjoyment of most belonging. His nature becomes such a type that he is condemned by anybody for his slander or praise of children. The sophisticated seeker from the mind, after listening to such sentences for a while, entertains himself for a while, but does not put his facts in grave sense. When such a person hears the sentence condemned by somebody, his mind is neither sad nor happy to hear the words of someone praising him.

 Purification of intimacy

        The senses located in every creature only make it known to the object, the visual or the events. But this introduction does not lead to the situation of emotional disorder or ideological conflict. Since this consciousness remains constant in the consciousness of the creature. The knowledge that comes from attachment always goes on staining the dirt layers on the intestine. Whereas knowledge gained on being deprived of anger and malice, Yoga in every period and every stage makes the conscience of the seeker pure, pure and serene. Once the knowledge of this fact becomes known, the seeker always tries to stay away from the sense of human consciousness. He wants his meditation beyond anger and malice. He always wants to achieve this situation, so that he can experience and experience true knowledge.

 an explanation

       It is very necessary to know the relation between the object and the object in order to attain true knowledge. It is well known that the relation of the mind and the object makes the mind knowledge of the object. It is also necessary to know one truth in this regard. In which it is clearly stated that its visual object is not subject to any one chit. Because when it will not matter, then what is the meaning of that thing. That is meaningless. Because things are present at all times, every human being.

       There is a truth in itself that it is manifest in itself that only knowledge of chit and the object can be understood only by the knowledge of that object. There is also a fact associated with that the power of Chitta is also separate, and isolated from the object. It can be understood in this way that until the relation of the Chitta remains with any object, then even its existence remains. On the contrary, the truth of the object and its power also remain in the absence of chit.


        It is known to all that information is obtained regarding the object only after reflection of the object on the chit. At that time only we can become aware of that object. On the contrary, we do not have knowledge of the object. In this way, we get the information that whatever comes in contact with the senses of every human being, then only its shadow falls on the mind. This makes everyone aware of the object. If it is said in concrete form, then the essence of mental actions is knowledge. We can get this information that the people with little knowledge of complete psychology are easily familiar with perception, cognition, emotions, thactops and behaviors, and we are easily made aware of our life process too.


        On the basis of the above explanation, it can be said that in the sophisticated state of mind, the connection between the mind and the object only gives birth to the objects, and also causes the illicit feelings and cures. Similarly, newer human beings are manufactured, which generate new or new series of new ones. As a result, continuity of the situation always remains dynamic. Where obstruction or obstruction does not occur anywhere.

       In this situation, every yogitor becomes necessary to take this measure that his mind always remains pure and refined. His mind is completely free from the rituals and malice like the world's evils. This can only be achieved by acquiring true knowledge, which can liberate him from the difficulties and difficulties of the life world. If there is a true knowledge, no reason can be seen for any seeker. In the end, it can be said that true knowledge is obtained from the purification of the heart. Knowing this makes the Yoga seeker a great human being, and also becomes the factor to overcome all obstacles in the world. That is why every seeker should make continuous effort to keep his feelings pure and refined.

                                The end

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[ q/9 ] Tratamentul; O alternativă unică la sterilizare

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