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[ d/2 ]Truth is only one

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Truth is only one


        This world is full of human lie and truth. Everyone knows that lies can be thousands. But truth is only one. That is, truth is not many, there is only one. While lying can be of different types and many different types of liars. But there is only one manifestation of one truth in many. In the way, if seen in water, the moon appears to look different in every water pot. While it all knows that the Moon is only one. Similarly, truth is also the only one. It is ignorance to accept it in many forms. It may be that the path to reaching that one truth can be different. Every route can be reached near the truth, but the person who falls in love with his entanglement in the attraction of the road, at that time his path stops from the same. In such a way, there is no way left to attain truth. This is the reason that truth remains rare for that true recipient.

               The relative form of truth

     Every human feels that what he sees with the eyes is the same truth. This is a kind of sensory born soul. It sounds like a truth but it does not really matter. The truth is that we do not see it. Because the truth is beyond bounds. As we cross the boundaries of these senses, the same truth becomes manifest in our form. When the human body is crossing this boundary completely, then only the truth becomes visible to him. This can be understood by this example, as if a mirror is dust, at that time we do not see the reflection on it, but as the dust is cleaned, the image becomes clear. Likewise, the truth also seems to be visible after being frozen on the mind. When the truth is so obvious, the state of confusion ends. To say this is to say that there is a truth born of sensation, not a real truth but a relative truth. But the truth that is observed by the mind is the real truth.

 The relative truth is not real

       The truth of which knowledge is experienced by our senses is the relative truth. Assuming this to be the real truth is an error. The truth discovered by the mind is real. Such truth is absolute, we can only experience the relative truth, because this truth is present in front of us, that is why when we accept it as the real truth. At that time we become an obstacle, because when the second truth comes in front of this truth, then the first truth becomes weak. The meaning of saying is that relative is under real time. And this world also keeps going. This truth is tied to the boundaries of country, time and time.

              Absolute truth is real

        Unlike the relative truth which is the real truth, that is beyond the boundaries, the country, and the time. Such truth can only be divine. This is the reason that God has been considered as absolute truth in the Vedas and Upanishads etc. In the scriptures, it has been considered as an irrevocable, irrevocable, indivisible and amartic of many adjectives. There is no effect of the triplets on this. In the same way, the realms of time have been divided into three sections, in the same way as the past, future and present have been made.

 Three call forms of truth

         Ghosts and present truths - memory is considered as a ghost truth. Where the past events are accumulated in the picture. It is called memory itself. Memories can be alive in the present life of human beings. In this way, the power of all our memory, knowledge science and discrimination is the events of the past. In all blacks, their utility and utility persists. That is why they are called timeless, but when a person experiences these phenomena, at that time it becomes an understanding of the present. In a way, all our understanding has been developed in the past.

              Present and future truth

       In every working system the activity of the past vests, because every moment of the present is connected to the past. Every human being that acts is the result of the past. In which the implications of the future are hidden. It is a thoughtful subject that since the creation of the universe has been involved in all the ghosts of the whole world till date. Undoubtedly the present is important, but what has happened will not come back. Experience from the past can only be used in the best possible way. In this way, the present becomes the basis of the future, every action currently performed, results in the future pregnancy. The actions performed by human beings which are rendered by him as well. In this period our soul is unaffected by it, because the soul is timeless.

 The way to realizing the truth

How to get the truth and how to get it and how to descend it in life, the Upanishad is said in this matter, if anybody wants to get the truth, do not bind it in the request, because it is bound to But the boundaries must be crossed, and the truth can not be attained. There is a kind of contradiction in the request and truth, free curiosity. This is also the first staircase to discover the truth, which cumbersome person with his principles, opinions, promises and insistence before the realization of truth. Which makes their curiosity frustrated and blocked. In such a situation, finding truth is difficult.  Finding truth with curiosity      

           The curiosity of a person is the speed and prana of discovery, because through this it is awakening of discrimination, through which the decision of right and wrong can be made. The origin of curiosity arises with no surprise, not by faith. This is the reason that when we see a phenomenal phenomenon, then curiosity is manifested by these amazing wonders. Surprise is a sign of clean chit. It is only due to its inclusion that the curtains are lying on the truth, and the truth begins to appear. Need to be free from prejudice, doctrine and doctrine etc. to discover the truth. Without abandoning them, the truth can not be invented. The path of truth is unlimited, beyond boundaries, which opens the chains of faith and disbelief by the suppression of votes or urges. This makes traveling of truth easier.  The expansion of truth is infinite     

         Truth is rife in space, so it can only be experienced. Here the truth exists everywhere in its concrete form. Even knowing this truth, those who get stuck in human obstructions can never attain the truth. Only by removing these obstacles from the eyes can the real form of this truth be attained.

 The end

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