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Deliver happiness from mother's happiness

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       With the imitation of Leela Katha of Maa Bhagwati, Shiva Sadhak receives many accomplishments, such as Shakti, devotion and liberation etc. By reading the story of Mother Leela, new dimensions of power open. This is an experience. From the beginning only the devotees of the mothers have been receiving this experience, and will continue to receive it even further. It is believed by devotees that there is no other than natural remedy for this. For this it is to follow the holy story of Durga Saptashati, people who are aware of religion and who have eyes, only those people can see this truth in an easy way.

   Lesson of Durga Saptashati

        The knowledge of the devotees of the devotees of the mother is that, the means of receiving the power of the mother, can be obtained only by the holy recitation of the holy recitation of Durga Saptashati. The propaganda of this sacred and powerful devotee is not only on earth but also in other people. The lessons and rituals of this sacred story are done in the public for the fulfillment of different objectives. Its text destroys obstacles, relieves obstacles, and launches. Whatever the seeker does this text with a sacred and sentimental mind, and the mother meditates on Bhagwati, Mother definitely gives her the boon of her power. This truth is not hidden from anyone. It has been seen many times and has been tested, that the mother, with great anger, Mahakal, and Shankar Bhagavan also amidst the power of empowering mother, only the mother and bridegroom are pleased with the blessing.

  The mother of freedom is mother

     The selfless Shankar Bhagwan does not get success in doing those desperate acts, the mother fulfills that task on the call of the common man. In fact, the glory of devotion is strange that Mamtaamayi. There is such a belief about this Mamtaamy form of mother. Everyone can experience the experience and benefits of the power of the mother, but getting devotion is not easy. Because the devotion of mother only gets to those whose hearts are pure and refined contemplation. Seekers filled with devotion are the most beloved children of the mother, therefore, the mother does not discriminate between the seekers of her own heart and soul full of self and heart. The seeker who is devoted to the mother, does not discriminate from the person whose resident, the caste or the son or daughter of any other person. He gives blessings to his devotees only on the call of the devotees.

    No law restriction

      The compassionate mother blesses everyone with her happiness. On receiving this boon, all the complicated arrangements of the devotee and hard work and incurable diseases are eliminated. There are many modifications of every goddess god, there are countless instruments and a definite method of all is the form of legislation. But there is no need for any special method of law or meditation to achieve the happiness of Shakti Mata. Mother gives up her grace and happiness by presenting herself in a gift to the devotees, rising above law and legislation. If a person has cultivated the mother till many births, then the supreme speed is attained by the grace of the creature. He gets freedom himself. For this, he does not have to wait for many births.

  Remembrance and cognition

       As we have been told that there is no special legislation or science required to please the adam Shakti Mata. Then the question arises, how to get the happiness of mother. For this, the devotee or seeker needs the experience of remembering his natural instincts with the mother only. Because mother is the mother of the whole world, and all the creatures in the world are her beloved children, so it is enough to make the remembrance of her pure ancestors only to please the mother. Because that world is mother and mother never loses her child, she always welfare. That is why they are pleased to offer their children liberation.

    Triple trigon truth

        Aditi Shakti is also the Creator and also the Creator. All the creatures, creators, creators and creators in the whole world are all mothers. He knows all the secrets of every universe, because all relations of the world are born from him. He accepts whatever he is and wherever he is. That is why there is no law or science to show them, and whatever effects and results they have, the mother and mother of all these are same. That is why the devotees or seekers familiar with this fact do not fall into any legislation. He only remembers the monolithic mantra "mother" with a pure end, and goes to his shelter. It is true that the mother gives her the offerings to the son who comes in the protection, and gives the boon of salvation, free from the world's obstacles and obstacles.

        Adipakti Mata is the only mystery in the world. This is the principle of Goddess Parvaditya, world bondage and salvation. The public can remember only the motherly monologue of the mother, by receiving the offerings of her happiness by remembering the sacred heart of reverence, can achieve liberation from this world.

   The end

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