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[ e/2 ] Eye maintenance

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 Eye maintenance

 Eyes are the important genitals of the body. If they are called precious parts of the body then no exaggeration will be there. But there are many different types of diseases in the eyes. If they are described differently, they should be different. Then it will be necessary to write a separate book separately. Here we are able to write only about a few diseases of the eyes. In this article we are going to write you the treatment of herbs by some such diseases, which you can easily use and protect against yourself and some of your eyes. The reason for this is that the flora that is described in it is almost universally accessible.

  Special noticeable

 Every person in the world knows that constipation is the home of physical diseases. Everyone knows this information only to some diseases. You will be surprised to know that constipation is also harmful for the eyes. Therefore, while treating the eyes, if the patient is suffering from constipation. Then he can not get enough benefit, so whenever you treat the eyes, first of all, you should get rid of the constipation. After this, do the treatment only.

  Eyes will not hurt for years

 Before telling the best treatment of the eyes, we want to tell you about such a booty, which will not hurt your eyes for as many years as you eat it. This medicine has been used by our ancestors long ago. By using it, they used to use their eyes for not wanting to hurt their eyes for years.

  In the village and in the country, only one boot is obtained very easily, which we call Mundi Buti. You should swallow its flowers according to your desire, at any time, without swallowing water. The only meditation is to keep that not to get out of the water, and not to chew at all. You will not be suffering from the pain of eye pain, for the number of flowers that you will get once in one go, this year. Along with this, your eyes will not suffer in that same year. This is a wonderful and unsuitable therapy.

  Acid Eye

 If you are going to know about the ophthalmic medicine, then the disease in your eye, bloating and burning in the eye will be beneficial for you, and if you have difficulty in digesting food, cough, asthma Or the scorpion has bitten, yet it can be treated easily.


 There is a plant in the village which we call as Akha or Madar. Collect its entire organs [flowers, fruit, leaves, twigs and roots, etc.] in the amount of 20 to 25 kg. After this, dry them in the shade. When all the organs dries well, then burn them and make ashes. Now put this ash in a clay pit, after this, 8x clean water of ash will also be filled in this pitcher. Now bury the clay pot with a cloth, now every day, stir the water of this pitcher three or four times from a wood so that the ash and water can be found in each other,

 After about 5 days remove the pudding water from the top and remove it. Throw the remaining matter out. After that, pour the water extracted from the pitcher into some embroidery and start cooking. When the whole water of the embryo is burnt, then one type of white liner will remain in the embroidery. Scrub it and fill it in an airtight vial. That's the only eye oxyx.

 Treatment of eye diseases

 While sleeping at night, take this medicine by stairs, or by the stem of neem leaf, once in both eyes. By this experiment, all the diseases mentioned above the eyes will gradually disappear like never before. Cough, asthma and digestive disorders are cured by consuming less than one rice of this drug.

 Scorpion bites

 So much of this drug [of a rice], soaked in water and putting it on the scorpion, the scorpion's toxin is removed immediately, and the patient laughs.

  Night blind

 The patient of this disease looks fine in the day, but he does not see anything at night. For this you should soak the Retha peels in water in the evening. In the morning, clean these bottles in water and filter them in a vial. It is also used by any strain or neem stalk at night. After 3 or 4 days of use the patient's night blindness is cured.

Jai Ayurveda

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[ q/9 ] Tratamentul; O alternativă unică la sterilizare

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 Tratamentul; O alternativă unică la sterilizare

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