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Effective drugs that purify dirty and polluted blood

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            Purification of blood from celery

                      Nowadays, people's blood is being corrupted due to the changes in the environment and the dietary habits of today. Due to which they have to deal with many diseases such as irritation of blood circulation itching and other burning sensation. These diseases are caused by blood pollution. For their effective treatment, we will study today about an ancient recipe that purifies the contaminated blood very quickly.

        Recipe method and intake method

        To prepare this recipe that purifies the blood, it is necessary to take celery from the market. Celery is an all round medicinal value. It is easily available to our kitchen and nearby people and to businessmen. Bring it a hundred grams and dry it in the shade and clean it. The amount of celery consumed, the amount of sugar in the same amount. Both make the powder powder by crushing the ingredients. For this powder, it is very fine to make powder of it, which means that the powder of this powder is filtered 3 times, which makes pure powder and gets mixed in it. A spoonful of this is given to the patient three times a day in the morning and evening in the morning. Due to its medicinal properties, it immediately fixes the patient's blood on a fixed schedule. Salt and salt are completely prohibited during the drug intake period. If a patient does not want to be deprived of the taste of salt during his intake, he can be given a small amount of rock salt. When the blood gets purified by consuming it, the patient gets rid of many other types of diseases such as boils, blisters and nostrils, fracture, fracture, excessive weakness, etc.

        It is estimated that people of Egypt nation are more aware of medicines related to flora. One description is that the most active Maharani Hatspepsut of ancient Egypt, during his tenure, had propagated a lot of Ayurvedic medicines. For this, he sent special people out here and those people went out of Egypt and searched for other drugs too. The Egyptians brought special type of figs from the place called Punt and made many preparations and medicines to treat many diseases were made. The people of this same kind of nature used to bring bark of Elder Bell and used their medicines for many diseases, and the juice from Nubia brought gum and red sandalwood of odor to which they used to treat mouth ulcers and diarrhea, similarly by bringing flowers of milk to the milk producer. Used to make accurate drugs of stomach worms.

      Use of Peep in the contaminated blood defects of blood vessels

       In relation to this, I had read in a magazine that one was valid, whose name was not in that journal but details related to it were received. He had written that a patient suffering from a blood clot came to his body and only the rest of the body was left over. Apart from this, there was also a slight inflammation on the body. They treated him but his treatment did not help him. After a few days, he met the patient Vaidya ji and told him the legal person that he had used a medicine as told by a Mahatma. That medicine is hoarse, which is called Aralu or Shiyonak. 8 to 10 drops of its bark juice was mixed with 5 kg of cow's buttermilk and had drank every day and became healthy.

          This caused his illness to be completely cured. It is clear from the above information that Arru is also a special assistant to purify the blood, it can also be used to correct those patients with blood pressure, which has been bleeding due to blood defects.

         Treatment of contaminated blood due to connection

      This all the Vaidya Gana knows that cordiality is the mother of all diseases. If someone gets cordiality, then he has various kinds of diseases. If there is constipation due to blood flaw, then the leaves of the peepal are also very useful. The method of using it is to take yellow leaves and dry them in the shade. Do not take dry leaves in the sun. After this, mix the powdered gooseberry or gulandaya or jaggery with equal quantity of pots equal to the wild plum. Take one of these pill with your hot milk while sleeping on bed every night. Failure to be removed in a few days

         Pipal leaves are also useful in this way to purify the contaminated blood, besides the fruits of peepal also remove the stomach strain due to the contaminated blood. Collect the fruits of the yellow tree and dry them in the shade and make the powder. After that, consuming two tablespoons of the native clay with milk at the time of its sleep removes the fibrillation disease due to the contaminated blood. Along with this, the development of seminal semen is increased and life becomes happy. If there is a blood circulation due to the contaminated blood, then it can also be treated to purify the blood contaminated with a tree called Ghor kadangi. There are also some patients who suffer from thinness of semen due to constipation, pimples etc. In such patients, if inquired, it is known that a white secretion comes out before the urine, which takes place on the cloth. To treat such patients, take desi black gram 200 grams of mud and put it in 150 grams of water. It contains 15 grams triphala powder


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