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[ f/2 ] Mother is like a god

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 Mother is like a god

 According to our religious texts the soul is immortal. The soul can not be erased in any way. In this regard, today's thoughtful subject is that there is a connection between the soul and the divine. According to our religious beliefs, the relationship between God and Spirit is like a son and a mother. The way a son finds sustenance and development in his mother's womb. Similarly, our germination of sprout, growth and existence of everything is done only by God. Every form of every living soul is like the waves of the ocean of the same God and like the waves. Only by the influence of God, the soul enshrined in the soul keeps on flowing, flowered and blooming.

  Intensities in relations

 The way in which every mother of this world has a deep connection with her son. In exactly the same way, the relationship between a living being of a living being is also from God. In the form of a vast man, God is considered as equal to our mother. The way in which the mother has an emotional connection to her son, the same relationship is also done by God.

 Dense concentration and generality

 The dynamics of the emotion and the generality take the form of Mamta. The way Mamma was born in the heart of a mother, her son continued to be associated with constant love, intimacy and attachment, due to the decline of Savan. Similarly, this Mother of Divine love is always eager to capture her love on the soul. This gives life to the soul all-roundly. By which he keeps on developing steadfastly. This love of God never gets over, but the soul keeps continuing.

  Continuing love and nurturing and relation of emotion

 The above properties are always unbroken between mother and son. This is the reason that biological relationships are always strong in both of them. Accordingly, relations of God and Spirituality are also linked to each other with a strong joint. If God feels that he has provided everything to the soul. Even if something is left to give, then he is always ready to give it even without any hindrance or concealment. If there is a lack of emotion in relationships, then the slightest pain seems to be intolerable to God. For the sake of which, he attempts to keep every kind of sufferings on his own, to keep the soul happy.

  Wonderful sensation

 When a mother gives birth to her baby. At that time it is a wonderful experience. He feels that some part of his body has come out as well. Similarly, when a person enters the body then the divine is a wonderful experience. These subtle fibers and microscopic senses of the senses are connected with each other firmly. There is no effect of time, location, speed and status on this. Because there is a deep concentration of emotions and sympathy. No discriminating and divider wall can be made between the two, because both are not the same and are the same. In such a way it is impossible to distinguish between the two.

  God is not inferior to heart

 The way each creature gets a lot of opportunity and pleasure in its life. Similarly, God also gives this opportunity to Jivatma. If there is any obstruction in it, then we are the reason for it. Something is disturbed by us, which leads to suffering, misery and problems in life.

  But there is no hardness inside God, therefore, when the living entity inside us calls upon God as mother and mother. Then the soul becomes entangled in the struggle for the loss of her suffering, and to end her pain. The way the son calls to his mother when he suffers, and the mother tries to defeat him, the same person in the body, when he calls for God, then by doing all his efforts to defeat him, his future will become auspicious. gives.

 The end

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[ q/9 ] Tratamentul; O alternativă unică la sterilizare

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