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[ h/2 ] treatment ; Dysfunctional Disease

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treatment ; Dysfunctional Disease

 This is a terrible disorder of men. If a person comes under the influence of this disease, then he has to bear intolerable pain due to this disease. Occasionally the patient's tolerance capacity also ends, and he also starts thinking about suicide. People around the patient and neighbors, even the people of the house who know about his disease, also want to stay away from the patient. In the initial state of the disease, the patient also hides his disease, but only when the disease reaches a fierce state, then only everyone knows about his disease.

 Fierce and painful disease

  This is a very painful disease in men's genitalia. When the patient of gonorrhea thinks of sacrificial urination, at the time of urination, only after feeling the pain of the terrible pain, his heart trembles. Because he knows that, at the time when he will do small things, it will be a terrible pain. Someone gets sick till then without any pain, and a scream gets out of someone's mouth. The patient sometimes falls on the ground to spray. But Ayurveda has found a very simple, easy and easy remedy for the treatment of this horrible and painful disease. These measures have been proved to be inefficient and inauspicious. Drugs are so efficacious that the disease reached to the primary condition is very simple and cheaply eliminating the patient from this disease.

  Very important therapy

 Anyone who has a gonorrhea disease, is the first to suffer only during urination. There is such a terrible pain in this disease which only the patient can know. In order to get rid of this pain, the patient should always keep a piece of alkalite always with him. Whenever the patient needs to drink water, he should purify it with the piece of alum. By this experiment, it will be relatively less painful during sacrificing urination.


 Jaljamani is such a boot, which is known to the people of the village, countryside well. It is a type of vine which spreads on other trees. Its leaves are similar to neem leaves, but some are small, some hard, round, those with 3 or 5 corners. If the juice of this leg is squeezed out and kept in water for 4 or 5 minutes, then the water gets accumulated like ice. That is why it is called Jaljamni Booti. Its seeds are round and empty completely from the inside

  For the treatment of gonorrhea patient, 25 gm leaves of this herb has to be collected. Grind them on a sieve and grill them. Put this juice in a little jar of some watery soil. Keep in mind that the pitcher I only have to take 1 liter of water. After this, start drinking this water mixed with this water daily to the patient.

After consuming the medicine, if the taste of the mouth starts somewhat wrong then the patient will also feed some sugar. This is the medicine mentioned by the Sanyasis. Using the few days of this, the disease of the patient gets rid of root disease.

 During the drug intake period, the patient should eat enough quantity of milk and ghee, as well as keep in mind that the patient should not eat salt properly, because it is not possible to get rid of the disease by taking salt

  Panacea cure

 The medicine that we are going to tell you now is so effective that the disease of suzaka that can last 15 years can be treated easily. This treatment does not avoid the name of the disease. Only 7 quantities of this drug are enough to successfully destroy the disease.

 For this, Nimoli / Bakaan [fruit], which also speak dakani in Punjabi. This tree is also called Mahanambam in Sanskrit, Bachanibi in Marathi, and Bacukya in Gujarati. Take the seeds of this tree in sufficient quantity and dry them in the shade first. Prepare the fully dried fruits with cylinders or handkerchief, making powder, crushing powder. This powder is a useful and appropriate remedy for gum disease. Keep the powder of this medicine safe in a glass vial.

  6 grams of this powder should be consumed in the morning and 6 grams in the evening. This medicine should be consumed with cow or goat milk. Only 7 days after the drug intake, you will find that the patient's disease has completely eroded. Oil-made substances, good, sour, salt and chilli etc. are completely prohibited during the intake of medicines. But non-vegetarian people can eat enough red chillies with meat

  We know enough about this medicine, but if you use it, then you will find that it is very suitable for the patient of gonorrhea. You can use this medicine to correct the patient without hesitation, without any hesitation, without any hesitation, without fear.

 Jai Ayurveda

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[ q/9 ] Tratamentul; O alternativă unică la sterilizare

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