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[ i/2 ] religion ; Heavenly words

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 religion ; Heavenly words

 Our ancestor Sage Muni believes that human life possesses the attainment of divine powers. Whatever qualifications, abilities and possessions are received by every human being born in this world, it is all given by God. The main reason for human beings getting all this is that, God has sent man on earth as his share and heir. The Divine wants that every creature can utilize the divine abilities, keep the nature beautiful and steady. Therefore, every man should follow his human dignity and devoted responsibility and follow accordingly. The grace of God does not meet man by rituals, but he meets a true and meaningful surrender towards his purposes. Today, keeping in mind these things, we will get some meaningful facts.

  Time to know God

 Dear readers, it takes a lot of time, from the start of a work to the end. Similarly, it takes too much time to know God. It can be understood as follows. For example, to become an MBBS, education has to be attained for 5 years. Under this study, she was taught Anatomy, Physiology, Organism. The information about their activity is received. In the same way, it may also take sufficient time to know God. How much time will it take to know the nature of God and its nature, it depends on your reverence, sacred feeling, and the tendency of your attachment to it. If your emotions are sacred in your entire life, you will not take much time, but if your life is passing through the Koshmas, then it may take a long time.

   Understand the nature of God

 It is very important for the human to understand God in order to become a virtuous and successful in his life. If you take enough information about his nature and nature, then you will not be late in success. It is also important to know that God is present in the particle, all the attributes of this physical world exist in it. In order to attain these characteristics, you will also have to be God, and you will have to make every effort to maintain the attachment to great men

  The whole world is the form of Brahma

 First of all it is necessary to know that God is not in the form of toys, idols and pictures. He is absorbed in every root and consciousness of the world. This whole world is the form of Brahman. Therefore, there is no need to find elsewhere, but the whole universe exists in the form of the soul in the universe. This whole world is the nature of God. To say this is, every person should find that he does not find the nature of Almighty God elsewhere, the human will have to search only in his heart, and understand its nature. If we want to see God, then we have to open the eyes of conscience. At that time, we will be able to see the entire universe, the whole universe, the whole world, Vasudha and Akash and Paatha, all of us, in the form of God.

  Cognition comes from God's vision

 No worldly man can see the nature of God with his naked eyes, and can not see God. Only if you have faith and faith in God, then you will be able to feel true to God. This is possible only if the God-fearing Lord Himself refuses to do all that. The seeker also has a spiritual system to mature his feelings. There is also a certain process. You can achieve God's grace and His grace only through this system.


 Not every person is going through a floor to reach God. Whenever anyone succeeds in doing this hard work and achieves success in it, then only he can achieve the purpose of his divine vision. It is not necessary to worship, worship and worship it. Only the true heart, true feeling and true reverence can be achieved by meditating on God. Without emotional attachment, it is impossible to get it from rituals.

  Interview with god

 If we have to be interviewed by God, then we can not do any such work, which is harming others, or the mind of others is disturbed. We can not do any such thing, which is bad for the other, even with the idea of ​​doing unrighteousness and injustice, we should not come in our mind. For this, we have to make our conduct pure, simple, holy and natural. On the day when man will understand the hidden implication in it, on that day, he will be compassionate towards every creature, by changing his behavior towards all living beings and women, in the form of all the creatures of creation.

On the day when any seeker or human beings will have respect for respect, nobility and truth, they will become the ultimate beloved of God in the true sense. By doing so, he will be able to experience the existence of God in all living beings. In such a situation, with its own true self, all the structures of the entire world will seem to be present in God, and in real sense it will be able to see God's real form by becoming a beloved of God. After this, his life will succeed, after that there will be no dearth of any kind in his life, because he is God's beloved and God will become his protector.

 The end

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[ q/9 ] Tratamentul; O alternativă unică la sterilizare

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 Tratamentul; O alternativă unică la sterilizare

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