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[ j/2 ] Potassium

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 It is known to all that the last phase of life ie old age is a physical process. When the body is full, all the senses and organs of the person become weak. Every person has a long experience of his whole life. In old age man's body becomes weak, but his mind never becomes weak. Because there is no age limit for the person's mind. Therefore, the mind always remains young. In other words it can also understand that the effect of time on the mind is never affected.

  Infinite desires of the mind

 Every person keeps many desires in his life, and he is always attached to him for his fulfillment. But his desires only and only after his death leaves him. Many such desires also include libido. Every person wants to stay connected with pleasure and property as well as libido in their life. Even after the fulfillment of the desires and desires of the property, or the lack of libido, the libido of the person never ends. This is the reason that even in the fourth year of age, he does not stay away from his sexual desire. Though all his organs are weak at this age, and he is not able to fulfill the desires of his spouse, yet he is still struggling to fulfill his sexual desire. Today we are going to tell you a drug by which old people can also fulfill the libido of their spouse. From this medicine, the young can also benefit, whose work power has weakened at any age.

 Drug making

 In order to make this medicine, a person needs an apple tree of Acacia. Babul is also known as a kekkar in Punjabi. It is a nickname, due to which it is not difficult to identify this tree. It may be necessary that its raw beans have to wait a long time, because it can get suitable bean for about 9 months post-flowering medicines.

  Drug formulation

 If you want to make this medicine, then you will have to get a khadi cloth from a Khadi shop. Now let's choose someone in a lonely room where no one else goes. In that room, let the four wooden pegs enter the ground at equal distance. The upper end of the pits should be much above the ground. Now, strain the khadi cloth like straws with these four pots. After this, the kekar brought such beans that the seeds are not cooked right now. Soothing these beans with cylinders will soften them. Now, take a little quantity of it and begin to drip on the stems of khadi sticks, which are filled with hard hands. In the same way, the bean brought the beans everyday, and their juice dribbled on the khadi stained cloth. After a few days, on the khadi cloth it will become a dry thick layer of juice and keep it alive. This is your appropriate medicine.

  Experiment method

 The experimenter should wake up in the morning after doing all the routine actions, about half a liter of cow's milk boiled. After that, after lukewarm heat, add 1-inch square medicines to the milk well. When the medicine is fully found in milk, then drink it lukewarm. This experiment should be done for about 3 months.


 Before starting the drug, the patient should heal his stomach and constipation. In the time of medication, the patient should abstain from celibacy, he should stay away from dirty and sensual thoughts and femininity. At this time consumption of sour, red chilli, stale and oil-made foods, gurant meal, and jaggery etc. is totally prohibited. During this period, eat plenty of milk ghee and yogurt and milk products. Breakfast can be done after 50 minutes of intake of milk, add Munkka or raisins, chhahare, sugar candy and other fruits in the milk and boil it after eating it lukewarm. Eat light meals daily, and only eat thin skins in the evening.

  Upon completion of the medicinal period, the elderly and the weak young will get the same work power as a 20-year-old youth, and their family life will succeed. Men's wives who are not satisfied with the libido of their men, they keep many thoughts in mind, sometimes even divorces. With this drug, man will get rid of these problems in future, and his life will again be happy with happiness.

 Jai Ayurveda

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[ q/9 ] Tratamentul; O alternativă unică la sterilizare

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 Tratamentul; O alternativă unică la sterilizare

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