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[ l/2 ] Work and duty

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 Work and duty

 There are three main types of men in this world. The first and the top places are considered as the best men. Then there are men of moderate and low nature respectively. In addition to living our lives in this world, it remains a deep relationship with the above two words [karma and duties]. This relationship of every human being is not from today but from eternity, and will continue to be made for eternity, no one can run away from it.

  Work and fruit

 Every living being in this world is associated with karma. Without doing karma, no one can live in the world. If someone wants that, if he does not do any work then it is impossible to do so. As a creature does such deeds, he gets the same fruits as well. If you do bad deeds, it will result in bad results, and doing good deeds results in good results. If someone thinks that he will not do karma, he will do only rest, this is his only mistake, because rest is also a kind of work. If you see this criterion, then no creature is free from karma.


 Though the creature who came into the world works like a different kind, but he considers those tasks as fulfilling his obligation, or fulfills it, at that time his karma is bound by his own duty. The result of this is that the person does not get rid of him without doing his work. This confluence of karma and duties makes man a human being, as a result, he is rewarded with prizes in his life.

  Freedom of action

 As we know that karma happens continuously with every person. Every creature is free to do his karma, and also has the right to determine the direction of his actions. Whether the action is done in a positive direction or in a destructive direction, it depends on the creature. Because man is free to do karma. It depends only on its selection, but if a creature wants to get its voluntary effect, according to his wish, it is not possible. Because man is free to do deeds, but in his results he has no choice of choice.

  God of karma

 Karma can free a person, and can bind him. That is why every creature receives its fruits according to his deeds. The creator of the fruit is the benefactor of the fruit, which we call God or God. If it is said definitely, there is no right or interference of any person, his karma fruits. This is the reason that the result of bad deeds is good and the result of good deeds is good to the creature. According to their own karma, every creature has to suffer the fruits of these two kinds of fruits. Every person is also related to his duties. It is universal truth that, a person can not be tied up with karma, nor does it. On the contrary, the duty always binds the person. A person fulfilling duty is never completely independent. This is the reason that those people who have taken pride, they become ascetic or stranger. They sacrifice their duties first, after which they do any work. Every man doing karma in this world is examined by four things, by his wisdom, by humility, total and by work. On these four criteria, the deeds and fruits of each person are also determined.

 Regardless of the effect of any kind of karmas, and whatever the outcome of their results, those who remain disaffected are only the ascetics or the heirs. Because while doing karma, he becomes indifferent to his duties by being affected by sanyas or deity. They have no duty towards this world. By the simulation of the above, they have an understanding of being a "free man". In such a way, his thinking becomes such that no matter what he does or does not do, nothing will happen. These people never think of this. His idea is such that if he does nothing, nothing in the world will happen. Their thinking is meaningless.

  Every person should be both serious and untested while doing karma. When it can do any task, then there must be a severity of working in them. If they have the power to do any work, they should start doing that work with complete dedication and perseverance. On the contrary, if the work is out of power, then it should be celebrated for its enjoyment, and be happy.

  It is in the good of every person that he can improve the speed of his actions, and do not get entangled in the junk of unnecessary duties. Every person should do his duty while following the necessary duties in life.

 The end

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[ q/9 ] Tratamentul; O alternativă unică la sterilizare

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