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[ n/2 ] religion ; Parabrahmi is the real controller of creation

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 religion ; Parabrahmi is the real controller of creation

 Many curiosity is filled in people's interaction. Only after the birth of a person, many thoughts and questions arise in his heart. Until a young age, some questions disappear by itself, and some new curiosity is born automatically. Some similar curiosities and questions- become the basis of innovative research and new achievements, such as the idea of ​​creativity in the life of a creature is born, how this world has been created, how it has originated, and where it is the end. The above curiosity continues to thrive scientists and philosophers equally.

  Origin of the Universe

 If the science is to be believed then after the journey of many theories, the result is achieved. According to him, the origin of the universe is believed to be caused by a very small molecule, which we compare to today's smallest known particle proton, which itself is a very small particle, so small that in a point of ink, approximately 5 trillion protons Go. If there is a visible universe in a bad part of this proton, then it becomes the condition of cingularity. Scientists believe that the origin of the universe can be deemed to be from such a small molecule. Perhaps this was the universe.

 The construction of the universe

 We can consider time in a variety of dimensions [dimension]. If this is reconsidered, then what was before the universe was created, it can never be known. Similarly, when it will end, it can not even be known. That is why the universe has been called infinite and eternal. This information, received by our sage Muni and Upanishads, also points to this as "Pinde and Brahmande". This is also the principle of singularity. Scientists have had to research for years to reach this theory. According to him, this universe has originated from zero. He believes that there was nothing here before the universe was created, but as soon as the first part of creation was created, gravity and other forces were born. From these forces, many theories of physics come out. Scientists also believe that as soon as one minute of the universe was completed, its expansion had reached trillions of miles. Searches of gravitational waves that occurred some days ago have proven this truth with vigilance. Jain reason has also been considered as scientific calculations of the present. According to them, the speed of the spread of the universe is 4.3 bad miles per second.

 Presence of superhuman consciousness

 Scientists believe that whatever force currently exists in the gravitational force, if only a fraction of it is reduced, then the constant elements needed for human life can never come into existence. On the contrary, if this value was as high, then the universe would have been shrunk like a tangier, more elaborate than a need. But with the perfect and equitable element, it points to the presence of an unknown, extreme human consciousness. Whom we are known as Parabrahma.

  Our universe is unlimited and infinite

 The present form of the present universe in front of us is infinite, and there is no end to it in mathematical terms. The reason for this is that it is created itself, and is also located on its own. This universe has been defined by the famous physicist Sir Einstein as a spreading bubble, and its expanse is considered infinite. This is the reason that if we start walking from one place till we reach the trillions of years, we reach the same place again. From this, it is known that our universe is infinite. Scientists have considered its width to be approximately 93 trillion light years. Our Upanishadic cars had already known this fact very long ago, they had known the unlimited universe as infinite and parabrahm long ago.

 It is very surprising that even today's scientists confirm the same facts. Those whom our country's admirers had known long ago, and with their knowledge, made the whole world familiar with this fact. Now instead of creating mutual opposition to the meaningless talk, resorting to oriental research on these, current thinkers should think of the way to show humanity. Scientists today are proving the lives of our former knowledgeable scientists, monks and self-proclaimers based on their scientific research. From this way, they are doing a thing of no avail. When both the streams are considered to be the same as the concept of the existence of the universe, then both of them should coordinate to walk together with harmony, only then the concept of scientific spiritualism can be realized in true sense, as our spirituality Believers have also proved that the ancient universe is the creator of all the universe. Then the scientists will find it only on the basis of their findings. In the end, he will also accept the fact that the universe is the only "real determinant of creation."

 The end

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