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[ o/2 ]treatment ; Problems of dentistry and their treatment

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treatment ; Problems of dentistry and their                                treatment

The place of tooth in our body is not very important as other organs, yet it is an integral part of the body. Children, young people, teenagers, young people and old people are sometimes troubled by these problems. We all know that the main task of teeth is to make pulp by grinding and crushing food taken in the mouth. When the teeth are not able to make pulp by grinding the food after any problems of teeth, then the food enters the stomach in a fractal form. By which a large portion of food can not be digested. If there is no proper digestion of food, there are various kinds of problems and diseases in the body. Therefore there is a lot of need for maintenance of teeth. That is why caring for teeth falls under man's mandatory need

 Why do teeth fall

According to dental experts, by reaching the age of 60, approximately 80% of women and about 70% of men begin to fall. Apart from this, if you reside in the east, instead of Western countries, then the fear of falling of the teeth doubles. Drug scientists are engaged in an effort to know what is the correct reason, yet it has not yet been able to find the exact cause. One possibility is expressed, that when the fluorine decreases an element called [flourine] in water, the teeth begin to fall. Fluorine protects against tooth decay. This thing also depends on other chemicals. The main reason for the falling of teeth is some kind of food. Such as fast food and junk food. In experiments and inspections, it has been found that, by consuming sweet drinks, the teeth quickly fall.

 Tooth worm

Dentalists believe that, when a worm gets in the tooth's jaw, then the person is very unbearable. The feeling of this pain of dentism is very high when it is solitary or at night. Dental ache may be calm for some time with different types of allopathic medicines, but the patient is not fully rested. Due to which, this pain keeps happening again. To say means that the disease is not destroyed. No patent treatment has been made in the Aaj Tak allopathic method to remove tooth worm. But we will tell you such a treatment, which will remove the worms of your teeth.

Insect removal

There are different types of Ayurvedic medicines available in the vendor of Ayurvedic medicine [Pansari]. One of these drugs is vaiding. It is called vavding in Gujarati, vavdig in Marathi and [babreng] in english. If you want to heal the insects, then bring about 10 gram seeds of this medicine from a pansari here. Now crush these seeds and make the powder. Now make equal quantity equal to the seed of vividing this powder and make small potals of muslin cloth. Now start cooking these potlies in some small utensils and add them to about 20 grams of water. When all the water in the vessel gets burnt, that is, when all the water is absorbed in the pottery, then keep it under a hot hot potato painful tooth press and stay asleep. In the morning, the time will get wrapped up with potted insects. Now remove this bottle and throw it. Similarly, use it on the second night, using three days, all the insects engaged in your beard will come out, and you will get complete relief from the toothache.

Stunning drug of ordinary toothache

Even if there is a worm in the root of the tooth, or even a slight pain in the tooth, it is also unbearable pain to the man. Sometimes insects are not started, even then teeth begin to feel pain. For this we are going to tell you a mosque which will benefit you in the form of panacea both in the form of worm teeth and ordinary pain. In such a situation, you will get treatment medicines in your home. For the toothache, you make equal quantities of alum and cloves in equal quantity and make them very fine. Now add a little amount of it to 5 to 7 minutes on the teeth. If there is a pain again, repeat this procedure once again. With the use of only two times, the pain of your teeth will be absurd, and you will get rid of both problems like toothache and tooth worms.

Jai Ayurveda

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