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[ p/2 ] Vivek is the extreme state of religion

Vivek is the extreme state of religion

Many scholars who had gained popularity in the religious field, people of the masses were very closely aware of it. The public thought that such scholar was able to uncover the perimeter of the knowledge of the people, known unknown secrets of the world. This was the reason that those people did not succeed in tying them in their bonds. In spite of this, any speed of any of the properties of nature was not avoided. If we want to summarize it, it will be enough to make them a sage of today's age.

Relationship between Vivek Vairagya and Moksha

If seen with a cursory glance, the three appear to be different, but there is a similar connection between the three, as is the case between different stages of life. As everyone knows that a child gets mature and becomes a young man, and later in maturity, there is also maturity in his life, in this way childhood, youth and maturity are different stages of the life of a person, but he There is no three person, just like this, ascetic can be considered as the first step of the first direction of salvation. The closeness of this quietness is in the form of discrimination, and the extreme state of discrimination also appears in the form of salvation. If these facts are to be understood in detail, then it is necessary to first understand differentness, discrimination and salvation. After this the relationship between them can be understood properly.


It is liberation from the thoughts of the people. It is well known that our senses are the door to entry of subjects, but there is no reason for attachment born in the subjects. When worldly creatures of this world start believing that any object, person or topic of this world can be the means of pleasure for them. Only then do they become angry and become indulgent men. But at the time when they become aware of the mortality of this world, its sense of illusion, nothing of it here, does not create any kind of attraction in our consciousness. The state of being free from this attraction is called restlessness. Similarly, it can be understood that, the world, the properties of the world, by all the elements, which attract the attraction of the world, if there is a distraction of distraction, then this distraction itself is quench.

 Disagreeable normal person and super-human beings can be all, whenever a situation arises, for a while only, the situation of distraction can arise, then the situation of detachment can arise. When a person reaches the crematorium, then he is able to stand up and learn the mortality of the world, but once he returns home, his mind re-enters in worldly affairs. Only the mortality can be overcome.


The attraction of the world is very dear to every human being. Any man of the world can be free from these attractions with great difficulty. This world is a kind of dead body covered with flowers, but when these flowers are removed. Only then its reality is revealed. This is the reality of creation. Wife does not look at the world with this view. As the lamp of quietness burns, the creature does not want to turn away from it. Because then there comes such a strong sense in it, that no glory of the world can stagger. In such a situation, only after seeing the realization which is born within it, even after the world's distraction, our predestined karmas and rites form the reason for our living in this world. But discretion takes him away from that path. As the sun began to appear suddenly on the dark path. In essence, the realization of the truth of the world is the conscience.


The true knowledge of life comes into living life. Moksha means salvation in the world. The movement of every creature in this world is due only to this attraction, that the world can provide happiness to him, and freedom from contemplation with mortification


But the liberation of contemplation does not weaken the sacraments. Freedom from contemplation of a person can only be given by discrimination. The person who has the discretion and realization can become the free soul. The way the dust leaves the dust from the glass, everything is clearly visible. Similarly, when the discretion of a man opens, the velocity of quietness frees him from all kinds of bondage. It can be understood from this way that the closeness of quietness is discrimination, and the absolute absolute moksha is discrimination.


At the time when a man finds complete knowledge in relation to vairagya, discrimination and salvation, and makes the purpose of following them. Then a new kind of enthusiasm is born within it. As long as he does not get this knowledge, then he does not get the vision of living his life. But once the knowledge is attained, its resolutions begin to reinforce. Thereby, changes in his thinking, vision and his resolutions towards his life. Therefore, it is very necessary for the general public to know that, whoever knows the interrelationships of monogamy, discrimination and salvation. And he has followed, it becomes known that the closeness of quietness is discrimination.

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