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[ q/2 ] treatment ; A unique alternative to sterilization

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 treatment ; A unique alternative to sterilization

 Every creature in the world that has come into this world has definitely attained childhood, puberty, maturity and old age. Of these, if we leave childhood, then in every stage of life, every creature has been suffering from sexual desire. The birth of a human being is determined by the call except the human being, but the human being is such a creature, which can suffer from sexual harassment at any time in 12 months, 365 days, 24 hours a year. The most difficult task of human beings in this world is to win "Cupid". Every man and woman in this world gets absorbed by all the workmen, and they are upset about doing evil in this world. It is estimated that only 70% of the world's crime is related to this.

 Libido a strong disorder

  The cause of birth of different kinds of crimes is the desire. Women and men suffering from this sexual desire do not hesitate to do various types of crimes in this world. Presently the thieves, robberies, and all the murders, which are being replaced by place-to-work, are done only by getting vicious crime in some way. It is known to all that there are three main reasons for most of the causes of crime, land and zoroos, but in my opinion there is a possibility of some kind of irritation. It is often seen that widows and women marry married women and girls with their lovers. The summary is that sexism is a powerful disease in this world.

  Sterilization requirement

 Here we are telling you some reasons why people do not want to have a future child. Or they begin to think of sterilization. When someone gets too much children, then they have to face many kinds of problems, some of which are as follows.

  More children

 Some people have given God a lot of children, when people are not able to nurture them well, then they get the idea of ​​sterilization. But what does this "major idea" come from? People also want to avoid unnecessary surgery. That is why even after coming to the idea of ​​fear of surgery, they take their steps back. This idea of ​​not achieving their children also becomes windy due to the fear of surgery.

 Man motivated by country service

  Some people want to put themselves in the service of the country, so they want to stay away from sex. There is no barrier to the uninterrupted service of the country, so some people want to keep themselves away from this problem.

 other reason

 Some women and men, widows or widowers also want to live a simple life. Being inspired by the fear of the locals or the higher human emotions, they also want to keep themselves away from this malicious libido.

Here are some tips for suppressing many such desires. Which can be used to avoid these problems.

  Remedy with honeygulch

 It is such a boot, that the use of men's empires endures forever. This booty is available in abundance in Cuttack district of Orissa province. The inhabitants of this area know this by the name. Bring this little booty to the house, make small pieces of it. Also make a funnel of paper, which has one end spread, and the other end is a pinnacle. Now put one segment of the boot above the fire. After some time the burning of the boot will create smoke. After passing this smoke through the tip of the funnel, on the exit from the narrowed part, start smelling the smoke coming out of the tip of the snake to the nose. By doing this continuously for a few days, the working power of a man will be destroyed forever.

  Banana cure

 The loss of work force can also be done by medical bananas. For this you must first find banana plant. Now on an evening, in the banana straw, add some teaspoon shaped pieces. Then put a vessel under it. Throughout the night, the water of banana straw will be collected in a vessel by a spoon. Now in the morning, wake up in the morning and drink that water. Similarly, keep drinking water for banana water for 3 days. By doing this, the work power of the male becomes useless in a few days.

  For ladies

 There is a tree in mountainous places, which is known as Farash. Gather the juice of its leaves, and now add sugarcane pulse powder, which you have already made, and make it rich. When the lasdars become thick condiments, make bulk quantities of guna. Later, dry these pills in the shade. When a woman starts menstruation. Then after 3 days of getting rid of it, apply one tablet with fresh water for 3 days. This drug is so effective that, by using only its 3 days the female's reproductive power will be destroyed. During the drug intake the woman should only eat milk and rice. Nothing should be eaten besides this.

  The above are some of the experiments by which you can control your sexuality. This will end your troubles. After that you can spend your free life.

 Jai Ayurveda

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