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[ r/2 ] treatment ; "Threaded facts" must be known.

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 treatment ; "Threaded facts" must be known.

 Thyroid is an important place in the vital organs of our body. This organ of our body, it is a type of gland that is located in the neck. This gland is like a butterfly, and it saves hormones called T3 and T4. Both of these hormones maintain metabolism of the body, and also protect the body from various types of diseases. Today, we are giving you some important information and facts about it here. It allows you to get information on your own and get a medical check-up, to avoid it, and to treat it.

  Thyroid gland work

 According to the experts of "physiology" i.e. "body science" in the medical field, different types of hormones have different glands and their different roles in our body. Different types of hormones also have different functions. Hormones produced by thyroid gland, T3 and T4 present in body, together with insulin and cortisone hormones, keep body's metabolism right, due to which the body weight remains in proportional to the body's proportionality. Apart from this, T3 and T4 play an important role in controlling body temperature, keeping the heart rate constant. Due to thyroid, the actions of the brain of the brain are properly operated. In addition to these actions, the task of transforming food into energy and keeping the digestive system properly is also Thyroid.

  Types of thyroid

 There are two types of thyroid present in the human body known as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. In this, the important function of the thyroid gland of the first type is the release of hormones called T3 and T4 from here, but for some reason when the gland can not function with its full potential, the secretion of the above hormones is correct. Can not be done. Due to the absence of proper discharge of these hormones, the body's metabolism becomes dull. As a result, body weight starts increasing.

  Similarly, unlike the first type of thyroid gland when the second type of thyroid gland, "hyperthyroidism", the condition of the faster starts to work as opposed to the opposite. Due to which the weight of the body starts decreasing, and weakness arises.

 Due to Thyroid Gland Dull

 To reduce the thyroid gland, I have the stress of the human mind, the lack of nutrition of the body and swelling etc. Apart from this, many kinds of diseases in the body also contaminate their functioning. These diseases are responsible for having poisoning in the body, any other type of infection and several types of defects in liver or kidneys. Apart from this, many types of allopathic medicines also contaminate their functioning. For these important reasons, the thyroid's natural functions slow down, its functioning contaminates.

  In order to maintain thyroid harmonics, man should use iron, iodine, zinc, selenium, vitamin B2, b3, b6 and vitamin C and D to make it fit.

  Ayurvedic Medicine

 The thyroid gland should work smoothly, for this Ayurveda has given very easy and easy remedy. A person suffering from thyroid should be sure to do the first check, to ensure that his thyroid is working properly or not. If it gets disturbed, then he should get enough quantity of green coriander from some market. Collect the leaves of these plants in the house and grind it with silk or chilli and make it chutney. Only green leaves will be used in making chutney. There is no need to add salt or chilli in it. If anything has been added in it then this drug will be useless. Start consuming one spoon of this drug twice a day. After about 15 days of medical treatment, the patient should get his medical examination again and know the effect of the drug, because after getting the latest tests, he will know that, how many days he has taken medicines To use. Regular use of a few days you will be freed from the thorium gland corruption.

  Drugs Cure

 In the days of drug intake, the patient should take consuming cabbage, broccoli and soya food in a limited amount, and control your stress. Use plenty of foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Due to eating plenty of selenium and zinc during the drug intake period, the disease gets better soon. Also use foods like iodine, amla, fatty acids and selenium. It is good to leave sea salt in eating salt. Sandhava salt can be used instead of this salt. For any other consultation, Ayurvedic physician should maintain continuous contact.

 Jai Ayurveda

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