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[ s /02 ] religion ; The god of eternal happiness

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 religion ; The god of eternal happiness

 Who does not desire happiness in this world. That is, every creature born here only desires the pleasure. Whether humans, animals and what a silent animal, all this desire remains in some form. Taking a bird by the birds, fluttering around, sitting on the branches of trees, chanting others, twisting and donation etc., doing all the tasks, not just anything but effort to get happiness. In the same way, in the fun of animals, running around and running, filling the colonies and walking with the fast move is done only to get some happiness.

  Human happiness

 When every creature in this world attempts to attain happiness, then why should man remain behind, he also makes a great effort to attain his happiness. Because man himself considers himself the best intelligent and Jagannian, God's representative in all the creatures of the world. That is why he understands that, his eternal right to happiness and also the strong man's happiness. Therefore, in order to attain happiness, he earns and earns money, wealth and various useful items in life. Because doing so, he understands the necessity of attaining physical life and material happiness, and it is also necessary. But, with his efforts, he can get real happiness, maybe not. In fact, the range of physical pleasures received from the enjoyment substances ends near the physical body and physical life. The direct result of this is that even after attaining physical pleasures, that person remains insatiable, disturbed and unstable. In the end, after running away from the physical pleasures of different kinds of pleasures, after living in various types of pleasures, even then the human being does not feel anything. All his life ends in the running behind this deity's grave. In this way, his precious and precious life passes away and becomes zero.

 Irreparable damage to human life

 It is the biggest loss of human life in realization of unreal happiness. Can human life be any other major damage? Probably not. So he should know this now and should accept that what he has lost so far. By forgetting that, do not delay now for real happiness. Because the happiness gained from various pleasures is not eternal, but mortal. The unreal happiness of the world is sensual and transient. In spite of receiving or receiving them, even though our desires remain insatiable till the end, because the desire to get them is always in our mind. As the burning of anything in the fire does not extinguish the fire, but it quickly ignites. Similarly, even after acquiring sukro rate pleasures in every human being, the lust for getting them continues to increase. This desire of the human heart is never extinguished or extinguished. In the end, it can also be said that nothing can be achieved in concrete form with endless longing for the pleasures of material things and physical pleasures.

 Do not let life go waste

 All humans in this world must take a look at the biography of older ones. By doing this, you will find many people who have spent their entire life from childhood to old age, running behind material pleasures. He must have finished his entire life in fulfillment of wealth, wealth and various types of desires. But at the last stop of old age or age he would have found them saying that their whole life was wasted. Even after the whole life has passed, they have not received anything. The result was zero. Such people would have found their life incomplete, incomplete and single-handed even after finding physical pleasures in their life. By looking at the whole life of others, each human should consider it.

Good way of getting relief

 After explaining all the pleasures mentioned above, the man should discover a true guru who can show him the true path of happiness. The true master can guide you right. By which your life can be filled with true pleasures. A true gurus can only tell that the right way to attain eternal happiness and happiness in life can be found only by the virtues, saints and scriptures. Describing the true path, he will also get you information that, in fact, the sensory pleasures, physical instruments, pleasures received from the pleasures, not only the true happiness, but also the pleasure is only the deer's mirage. Many people in this world have destroyed their precious lives in the longing for true happiness. They have not received true happiness even from their many efforts. To attain true happiness, human beings can be found only by attaining the fame of saints, sages and monks.

 Soul is the light of God

  Undoubtedly, God has created the creation. For the beauty of this composition, he has created trees, plants, vegetations, oceans, mountains, rivers, suns and moons etc. In every living soul, the eternal element of it exists. This soul, indivisible and continuous within this body. Our soul also attains the light of God and try to connect with it. This is not the root but animate. From this, it proves that the attainment of pleasure and bliss can not be attained through the pleasures of the pleasures, the pleasures of bliss etc., and the infinite source can only be associated with God. When we do not wake up from our birth, we are not able to attain true happiness, by awakening the soul with yogic and illumination and with the practice of recitation. If we have awakened the soul, then the light of the fire which is illuminated by the Divine Spirit will lead to life. And only then will the human beings experience real happiness in their life.

 The end

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